Monday, 11 March 2013

New Moon in Pisces, 12 March

12 March 2013 at 6:40am AEST, Sydney, Australia

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac; the yin sign of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions.  It represents the return to Source.

It is also the 3rd of the water signs and the domain of the 12th house ruled by Neptune (modern ruler) which is the deep watery, transcendent and spiritual outer planet known as the Great Dissolver.

This New Moon represents an exceptional opportunity to surrender, forgive and let go of the past and heal painful feelings of loss, confusion, disappointment, illusion, addiction and struggle based on past fears, karma and self sacrificing/martyrdom, victimisation and disappointment.  

It is also an opportunity to birth our visions, dreams and intentions in Higher Consciousness and unconditional love; thus allowing us to connect to Source, Oneness and the deeper mysteries in an expanded way.

Magical and passive Pisces offers deep forgiveness and compassion and a chance to wash, cleanse and dissolve old karma, stories, pain and suffering.  It is a time to let go of anything that blocks our heart’s ability to give and receive love. Like the masters of the age of Pisces - Krishna, Christ, Buddha and others who showed us the way, we must have an awakened higher mind and consciousness along with a sacred heart of compassion to do this.

We now have an opportunity to experience our Soul’s individual purpose and dissolve any egoic patterns that reveal themselves through the instinctive behaviors and conditioning of our lower, rational mind and thinking along with worry and fear. We can choose to merge with the higher mind (Uranus) by choosing to co-create with unconditional love and compassion (Neptune) and live in a higher state of vibration and being, and experience the conscious awareness and Oneness, which is way beyond logic and rational thinking (Mercury).

At this time, we must have faith to expand with wisdom (Jupiter) and use our inspiration, imagination, trust and vision to transcend struggle and suffering and redeem any aspect of our self that feels victimized, powerless and unconscious.

This leap of faith will allow us to release our inborn psychic, healing and creative gifts and balance the 'Divine Feminine/Peaceful Warrior' within (Venus/Mars) and attract healthy loving Soul based relationships. By choosing to serve our Higher Self and have healthy boundaries, allowing love and joy, trusting in living in the now, we can trust following our intuitive guidance and 'going with the flow' of inspiration and intuition, creativity and higher guidance.

This New Moon is akin to being in the watery womb and birth.(12th house).  It represents a chance to heal past pains of separation and loss through forgiveness and letting go, and healing and redeeming our true Self or Spirit through compassion and kindness for self and others.  We can now choose to give birth to our creative talents and spiritual gifts. Like the 'Fool' in the Tarot filled with trust and creative pure potential, we can choose love over fear, and allow ourselves to manifest our dreams; connect to wholeness through the birth of our awakened consciousness.

We now have seven planets in Pisces; all in the 12th house, including Neptune who returned to its home domain in 2011/12 for the first time in 164 years and will remain there until 2026, “lifting the veil” of our evolution into Oneness. (Consciousness from 3rd dimensional reality to 5th dimensional awareness).

Many celebrated around the world for the end of the Mayan Calendar and the December Solstice of 21/12/12 coming together in unity and meditating at many sacred sites for this shift in consciousness.  Now we are in the process of cleansing our emotional states based in unconscious behaviors and feelings.

As we now move from the Age of Pisces and our deep unconscious sleep into the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Humanity and Enlightenment, we will find spirituality and technology supporting us to come together in Oneness. We can now begin to have a knowing that "what affects one, affects the whole". Quantum physics shows us that we are 'energy' so we must be aware to choose consciously the vibration of love and kindness, knowing that “energy follows thought”. What thoughts are we energising? 

We need to revise our thinking and communications with Mercury retrograde in Pisces (Feb 22 - March 16).  This is followed by the Equinox, the cardinal point of 0 degrees Aries, on the 20th March, birthing the new Astrological year. (The Equinox is usually on 21st but this has changed because of the leap year). This is a  time to go into action and have the courage to direct our 'will to the Higher Will of Spirit, rather than ego.

It is now time to awaken and be responsible for what we co-create by choosing love, knowing all relationships are a mirror of the relationship we have with our own Spirit and our body.

By nurturing and being present, grounded and discerning (Virgo, integrating the opposite sign of Pisces) knowing that the body is a vehicle for the soul, we can balance and feel the vibration of love in grounded healthy ways. Knowing that Spirit manifests for our humaneness through our thoughts and feelings we must ask what thoughts am I choosing? (Jupiter in Gemini) How does my body feel? Is it stressed (too much information ) and over analyzing details? Can we balance our (Virgo ) physical healthy daily routines/work and wellness with our emotional, creative and spiritual energies (Pisces) and trust in a higher vision?

As we dissolve and release these insecure feelings and egoic patterns, old attachments and past conditioning/karma, we transcend the sea of unconsciousness and the gamut of emotions that run from madness to ecstasy. We can feel love and compassion and choose moment to moment, living in the “now”, as we birth this new era individually and collectively.

We can connect to what the mystics, shamans and many indigenous people have always known because many of them never lost their connection to Mother Earth and Spirit. We can choose to manifest our dreams and visions, artistic and creative gifts, and be of loving service to the whole, uniting with Source as we individuate to our Soul’s purpose.

We can allow ourselves to “go with the flow” by trusting and nurturing our bodies, following our intuition, and choosing Grace and ease over trauma and drama. Choosing Self love is healing and this heals our self esteem so we can feel worthy and valued as we honour our creative gifts.

New moons are a birthing time; a time to seed and set our intentions, goals and visions. Pisces rules dreams and the Dreamtime and nightmares, imagination, inspiration, sensitivity, psychic/intuitive abilities, healing and the creative arts including poetry and music. It also rules escapism, drugs, alcoholism, addictions, aloneness and seclusion, prisons, hospitals, institutions, asylums, ashrams and monasteries.

It s time to go within, meditate and connect to the stillness and silence within Listen to the Soul and fill your being with music, dance, yoga, poetry, films photography and art. These are all very powerful at this time. Choose to focus on beauty, magic and miracles, and restore yourself quietly by being by the ocean, surfing, swimming with dolphins, taking baths, drinking water, homeopathy and cleansing rituals, are also helpful.

This New Moon has a stellium or group of planets that are all linked together in Pisces. They include Neptune and Mercury (retrograde), Chiron, (the wounded healer and maverick) Venus (love, values, beauty and harmony) and Mars (physical yang/sexual energy and courage). Together with the Sun and the Moon. (the Luminaries) this planetary group makes the time even more potent and the alignment can create a lot of deep watery emotions and sensitivity. So be gentle with yourself as you may not have a lot of energy and you may need lots of rest and relaxation. Much like a mother about to give birth, we need to be sensitive to the needs of our body.

Neptune, Mercury and Chiron are being supported by Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio (in creative supportive ways) to help us transform and empower ourselves, release old guilt, shame and control dramas so we can trust in 'the power of love rather than the love of power.  How much do we love and value our Higher Self guidance? And how can we channel our creative gifts?

The South node in Taurus supports the Sun, Moon and Venus in Pisces to help us ground our physical bodies and connect to Mother Earth and our environment.  It also helps us to value and create abundance in practical tangible ways. Saturn in Scorpio supports us with discipline to realize our visions around sharing intimacy, money and empowerment.

Jupiter In Gemini, the air element (until the 27th June) is challenging us to feel our connection to our Soul rather than being busy and living in our heads. It helps us to expand and heal limited beliefs, release any thoughts of duality and polarity and work hard to change old thought patterns that scatter our energies from too much information and networking.

We are learning to use our minds in new and intuitive ways, personally and globally. The water element is very strong throughout 2013. It is the Chinese year of the Water Snake that has similar energies to Saturn in Scorpio and the water signs especially will benefit from June 27th when Jupiter goes into the sign of Cancer for the next year.

This is a year to really birth and believe in love and dreams, transcending the past, and birth new archetypes.  It is a time of revolutionary change (Uranus in Aries) that is challenging the old corrupt and corporate/government systems, especially with Pluto in Capricorn.

There are now lots of opportunities for regeneration like a snake shedding it's skin as we trust in the synchronicity and spontaneity of being present in the Now; trusting our intuitive guidance. Choose to see love, joy, abundance for all,  including one self.

"You can heal my Soul if your heart is a mirror for my Soul, and your heart can be that mirror only if you are resting in your own Soul" Ram Dass.

Aloha Pai'e xx