Wednesday 2 October 2013

The New Moon in Libra, 5 October

11 degrees on Oct 5, 10.34 am Sydney and London 1.34 am, New York 8.34 pm on Oct 4.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." (Rumi)

What can you do to bring more beauty, balance, love and harmony into your life and into your world right now? 

Peace and partnership, co-operation and equality, and the ability to relate to all with fairness and justice is the desire of Libra.

To relate to all beings in equality is the goal and the intention now for all who choose the path of ascending in consciousness (which is love).

This new Moon in Libra, which is a cardinal, air sign, that rules the 7th house of relationships, and partnerships, whether business or personal, desires co-operation and peace.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, harmony and the balance of the scales. Feelings of weighing up what is fair and just is always strong in their hearts. Libra usually tries to avoid confrontation and they can suffer or become dominated or controlled due to adapting to always be the peacemaker.

Libra has to learn balance with self and others and has to balance with it's opposite sign Aries, (sometimes selfish and impatient) and the war God, Mars. They may face issues asking them to be assertive and release the anger and frustration of giving and doing too much. These are planetary energies of the dance of yin/yang and masculine/feminine.

Awareness of any co-dependency and fear of intimacy, or lack of asserting one's own self and will-power, or becoming a door-mat to others needs must also change now, for everyone, even though this may be a Libra theme.

The Consciousness of Oneness is the destiny of humanity, yet we are at a very critical cross road.

Think about all the excitement in the lead up to 21 December 2012 this time last year.  So many people were gathering for this change!   Think about how this year has been for you? Where are you now? What has changed and what still needs changing? Where do you need to take action?

The effects of many choices we have already made are now upon us as we move into this massive time of restructuring. Are we OK with our choices? Can we accept that which we cannot change? Can we let go?

As the grim reaper, Saturn in Scorpio (conjunct North Node and Mercury) demands that dues be paid now. Yes, it is time for the scales to balance or chaos will ensue.   Change requires flexibility too.
Old fears must now be healed. Old power issues must now be released and the choice is really to choose the power of love!

Venus in Scorpio squares Mars in Leo. Ouch!  Both fixed signs! They could be passionate, jealous, dramatic and enjoy power games and drama.  Powerful partnerships that can lead and transform and both can have a hard time letting go. Better not to have to explode at this time, especially with Uranus in Aries opposite this New Moon and the Sun in Libra.

Be careful with those words! Say what you mean and mean what you say. The need for congruency is paramount. Commitment to one's own truth may be tested.

Healthy boundaries will protect while lack of boundaries can create trauma and drama!  The Right Use of Will will be tested! (Right Use of Will is a great series of books written in the 80's by Ceanne De Rohan.

Challenging our inner masculine/peaceful warrior to balance with our Divine feminine. Be aware of anger and frustration or explosions being 'projected' on to others, or imploding into depression and blockages.

With all this secretive and private Scorpio energy, it is time to descend to the underworld, and clear and transform what ever keeps us in 'the dark' by shedding light on old out worn limited beliefs, fears and projections. Yes, it may be a very intense time! Stay present.

Yes, Remember, we wrote our own script (our sacred contract/astrological natal chart).  And no, we can't blame it on the planets or anybody else for that matter!  It is time to be responsible for what we are creating/releasing and regenerating, including our Earth and our environment. The planets are not "doing it to us" or making us victims! We have chosen their cycles to activate our own growth within  and a path of empowerment for ourselves. We do have the choice to be vulnerable and heal any old ego defenses now, that could block the Light of our true authentic selves!

Now is a great time for a detox emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Start anew! Rebirth!

It is a powerful time to look at your transits too! Your own chart or script will help you navigate with your soul and it's sacred path of evolution.

I am happy to help. See if you need a tarot or astrology reading or a report.

It is time to heal the shadow within and reclaim any disowned parts we may have blocked, buried, or hidden that could be otherwise projected on to others, known as "projection" or the "blame game".  It is time to face any lack of personal responsibility in which we create unconsciously.

This New Moon in Libra is squaring Pluto in Capricorn and Opposite Uranus in Aries, (awakening or chaos) as well as squaring Jupiter in Cancer. On top of that we have intense eclipses approaching AND the Cardinal Cross tightening along with Mercury about to retrograde in Scorpio! And Saturn - along with many personal planets are in Scorpio! Wow!  Time really is of the essence now!

Themes of Persephone and the great Goddess Demeter may appear along with themes of intensity,  letting go and loss.

Black Moon Lilith is still in Cancer as is Jupiter (also squaring this new moon) expanding what we may or may not want.

These themes require us to reclaim the Dark Feminine within, the principals of wholeness and our relationship with birth/life and death, power and money. Any old fears and patterns in these areas may be activated now and we may feel pressured by lack of time or money.

Venus is linked to the heart chakra; the energy center for love, forgiveness and compassion, so this is an opportunity to let go and create more nurturing and kindness towards ourselves and others. The heart has more electromagnetic energy than the head and the power of love can transform the Soul. After all, this is a Soul journey we're on!

When our heart is open, we feel the connection to all that is, and can be more tolerant and see the uniqueness in every one and all beings.

When we feel love and gratitude we attract more of that vibration, then we can create with love over fear and competition.

Choosing empathy, appreciation and feel supported by the love of the Universe assists us now. Connecting and activating our own heart chakra, individually and collectively requires respect and love all things and all beings. In the Hawaiian tradition, this is known as aloha.

The energy at this time may feel much like the experience of living in a house that is being renovated and this can sometimes feel stressful.   Responsible choices, foundations, focus, deadlines, organization in chaos, checks and balances financially may also need adjusting or at least purging.  Purging any old beliefs regarding lack of money and power/transformation, while we hold on to our vision is now the call!  Anyone who has lived through a reno will remember, and realize this can have major effects on our relationships?

Can we be true to our own Heart and Soul?

Take a close look at the body which is the house of the Soul because it may need some clearing and cleansing at this time. It may be a time to clear away any old blockages or plumbing (ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld)!

We are also in the lead-up to the next two big eclipses (18 - 19 October and 4 November).  Mercury is going retrograde in Scorpio, the Grand cardinal Cross is tightening; two very strong oppositions and more! Our endurance will be tested.  Some may feel as though they are sailing into a storm and may have to batten down the hatches!  Just take a look at the USA right now and the financial reality that's going on there ruled by Scorpio/8th house matters/other peoples money.

Libra is classically associated with Venus and the Goddess energy of love and beauty! And yes, they did have their shadow aspects too!  Venus also rules money and values. Her Archetype derives from the Great Goddesses Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, and the creative energy of Shakti that can awaken and birth. She has many other names and is represented by the bright Morning and Evening star.  We really must consider these qualities at present as we may feel the purging of all kinds of change pulling us in four directions due to the active Grand Cardinal Cross and other challenging patterns demanding balance.

There are also amazing opportunities for deep healing and compassion represented by various alignments including Mercury (communications), the North Node (purpose and path), Saturn (discipline and responsibility) in Scorpio (trine and the creative energy of ease), Neptune in Pisces (dream/spirituality) and Chiron (healing).    So do book in for some healing therapies at this time, maybe some acupuncture or a massage to soothe rough nerves.

These confronting and perhaps exciting changes are pointing towards radical and unexpected upheaval in our reality, whether personal or collective and within the Earth Her Self.  Yes, we are ascending or at least we do have the choice. Resisting our growth can be painful.  Our commitment to choose Love, peace, kindness and gentleness (our self included) will be put to the test now, as we continue to deepen and balance our individual and collective soul.

This is a very strong time to let go of what ever is not loving, and what is not OK for you, or what ever is not working, honestly and truthfully.  It is the time to "walk the talk" of integrity and deep transformation.

Know that the gold and alchemy is resting safely under any of the old debris. Whatever is built on strong authentic foundations cannot be taken away and will support us in becoming stronger and "all that we can be".

The choice is ours, even though we may have to realize that some choices have already been made, in which case acceptance and forgiveness may be required.  Complaining and being defensive and protecting the old ego patterns that we are unconsciously attached to need to be dissolved, re-created and regenerated.  Rebirth and new beginnings await us if we can chose a sense of excitement and astonishment.  Flow with the new!

This is a very intense New Moon and these cycles are about new beginnings. Yet this is also a time we have chosen to look deeply into our own blocked or unconscious patterns and behaviors, and learn to love all of it. And to choose the love and peace we desire.

Remember what you need to do to keep the balance and accept making choices.  Meditation, visualization and reflection may help.

Balance is so important to all and to Libra who are about relating and co-operating in fairness. Where ever you have Libra in your own chart and the house it occupies, it is the place to set your new goals and intentions through quiet reflection and loving ritual with your Divine Feminine and Goddess energy. Trust is the key - trusting our body's intuition and the love within our own heart.

This New Moon beckons us to move forward with change, even though there may be many challenges in letting go of the old and familiar and the secure old well trodden paths and habits. It beckons us to boldly move on and balance the scales and our choices.


"it is your choice as to what to create, but you do have three grand purposes in life - to love yourself, love others, and love what you do."

(Archangel Michael through Orpheus Phylos and Virginia Essene)

Until next New moon,

or feel free to


Pai'e xx

Wednesday 4 September 2013

New Moon in Virgo, 5 September

13 degrees Virgo at 9.36pm Australia Eastern Standard Time.

Aloha and Happy Birthday to all Virgos this month!

This is another power packed New Moon and birthing time with plenty of opportunity to organise and systemise ourselves in body, mind and spirit so that we can take responsibility to create a healthy daily work-life balance and enjoy being of service to the whole, including our pets and animals by doing what we love daily.

This takes focus, synthesis, organization and systemisation. It requires sorting the 'wheat from the chaff' (Virgo gift's) and stability/responsibility to mature and choose, (Saturn/North Node in Scorpio). By healing our past/child/wounds (Chiron and Neptune in Pisces),we can create healthy boundaries that reduce stress in our lives and help us to evolve spiritually and intuitively.

This is a great time to start any Spring cleaning so that we can be ready for the Equinox on 21 September - a beautiful time of equanimity and balance.

By knowing how to nurture our bodies/selves with our Divine Feminine and the creative healing energies represented by Jupiter, Lillith and Pallas Athena all traveling through the sign of Cancer, we can learn to feel safe and be present and able to heal old family history/patterns and connection to our roots.

A tree cannot grow strongly into the Light if the root system is dysfunctional. The same with our home/family and environment.

By feeling safe and secure, we can then create strong foundations within ourselves, so we can become more enlightened and move into conscious Oneness and Love, with our true self, global family and our Earth Mother.

This New Moon offers us much healing and an opportunity to organise ourselves to move forward with new work projects and better health regimes for an enjoyable work-life balance. It's a great time to do a spring clean which can also mean a detox! Let go of any old stuff that is no longer required.

By minimising clutter and confusion, Virgo helps us to to purify our bodies and our environment and systemise and organise our lifestyles.

Virgo represents the Goddess of the hearth who is pure in Spirit and her gift is purity and discernment. She rules healthy food and grains and is very aware of the energy we feed our physical bodies daily and our levels of stress.

Only when Virgo is out of balance do we see the analytical, stressed or workaholic and critical perfectionist who judges oneself harshly for not being able to control and do everything. To counter this requires the energy of Virgo's opposite sign, Pisces to become more 'watery' creative and spiritual and to be able to let go and go with the flow. Pisces sometimes also needs the Virgo earth to ground and create stable physical routines when they become too sensitive, emotional, addicted or wanting to escape from life's sometimes harsh realities.

Virgo is a  feminine mutable earth sign that also rules the Asteroid Goddesss and Chiron (known as the 'wounded healer ' or 'Rainbow Bridge' to our Higher Self Connection).

This is a powerful time to work with the Feminine Goddesses who also feature strongly in this new Moon and which also has a Star of David pattern that has been blessing us recently. See chart below.

This star is represented by the Grand Water Trine and the Grand Earth Trine - both feminine energies in the New Moon chart and in the heavens.  It is a 6 pointed star that represents 'as above, so below' and it is the symbol of the Ancient Wisdom teachings/Hermetic principals along with the Merkabah in Sacred Geometry.  This geometry is now available for us to activate new archetypes or new seeding patterns of consciousness within ourselves.   All this allows us to build our Light Bodies here on earth and to learn to move telepathically and inter-dimensionally with the consciousness of Love and Light and the spirituality of the new Golden Age or Age of Aquarius and Intuition that is birthing.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and is also travels with the Sun and the Moon, so we must watch our thoughts and words!

Words are powerful! Words create! Knowing they have the ability to create what we either want or may not want in our lives!

Therefore, we need to be responsible for what we say and honour our commitments and word. This will help to clear and heal our throat chakra so we can be honest and truthful in all our communications. This then helps us in all our relationships.

The Virgo planets are getting support from Pluto in Capricorn and Goddess Ceres (the wife/nurturing Goddess/partner of Jupiter) to assist us in transforming our physical material needs by changing the corporate, financial and government structures that longer serve the will of the people.

We also have a federal election shortly after this New Moon here in Australia and this should be interesting, especially as Prime Minister Rudd is a Virgo!

The ongoing Pluto/Uranus square is tightening now so some volatile energies can still erupt with Pluto opposite Jupiter and Black Moon Lillith!  A good example is the situation in Syria.   These energies can bring up the blocked or shadow energies that need clearing and healing.  Yet, this seems to be tempered by people power opposing this and the governments having to follow! This could make the difference now, especially due to the internet and technology giving the masses a voice.

The body is a vehicle for the Soul.  What vibration are you running on? Do you hold the vibration of love or stress in your body to manifests with Spirit?  Are you able to fulfill your purpose or Sacred Contract (astrology chart/soul's intention) in your daily life with joy and happiness?

The body is like a vehicle and perhaps it needs a service? How have you been treating your body lately ? Does it need a massage or health check?

How do you take responsibility for yourself on daily basic, balancing work/play, diet/excise, meditation/work, trust/control?  Is your body stressed or flowing smoothly and easily with all the technical upgrades?  Yes, Virgo also rules the internet and technical gadgets.

Do you find yourself in front of the computer or at work all the time addicted) and stuck in your head analysing all the facts in front of the screen?

Can you instead create a balance with nature, exercise, fresh air - nourishing good healthy foods with time to enjoy and play?  What kind of food or fuel do you nourish your body with?

Is there a balance with work/play/fun/creativity and spiritual/material balance? Do you have a daily yoga /meditation practice?

Do you understand and care for your own needs or are you dependent on others? Are you grounded?

Are you aware of your own needs, personal boundaries and responsibilities? Do you feel responsible for others with not enough time for yourself?

These are the many questions we must ask ourselves at this time to be able to live in a balanced physical/material and spiritual world of choice.

Consciousness gives us awareness and the choice to love and heal any unconscious patterns. It may be a good time to see your Naturopath or Therapist  or connect to your body's innate wisdom. The body can be trusted to be honest and that is why it accurately reflects our past beliefs and choices.

This is a time to create what you want by being able to fulfill your work and purpose, synthesising and organising your talents so you can be happy being of service to yourself, your family and humanity, by being conscious and responsible for what you contribute. We are all contributing vibrationally to the collective soup and if we focus on love and kindness rather than fear and stress we can all really make a difference.

Our physical bodies are the vehicle for our Divine Feminine to create healthy daily routines (Virgo) that are stress free. By nurturing with compassion and kindness and being grounded and present we can manifest our dreams and create healthy work places and routines that support creativity and abundance.

Virgo and Mercury rule the 6th House or place for all of this in your own natal chart.

If you would like a Health and Wellness report, I would be happy to send you a highly personalized one that can be very empowering for your own health and wellness as seen through your own astrological natal chart. See for details.

I have been a wholistic intuitive bodyworker for almost 30 years and one thing I have learnt is

"the mind can tell you anything, but the body never lies!

And remember…

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and Spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the Soul are open". B.K.S. Iyengar

Have a healthy and relaxed month ahead, remember to put your intentions for health and wellness out on the New Moon in Virgo and enjoy the upcoming Spring Equinox. Both are wonderful times to attend or do rituals to connect with the natural or circadian rhythms of Mother Earth and the Divine within.

Till next new moon,


Pai'e xx

Tuesday 6 August 2013

New Moon in Leo, 7 August

14' 34, 7 August at 7.50am AEST, London 6 August at 10.50pm and New York at 5.50pm.

When the Sun and the Moon come together every month they are joined or "conjunct" each other and this births New Moon cycles in each sign of the zodiac. This particular lunation is in the regal sign of Leo the Lioness!

As the Sun passes through the sign of Leo between 23 July and 22 August, we experience the qualities of Leo, especially now when she joins the Sun to birth this new moon cycle.

Leos are often proud, bold and creative with dramatic flare, passion and self expression especially in the creative arts. They love to feel special and love admiration. They also enjoy being the centre of attention and love to have a stage to perform to an adoring audience (think Madonna).

As a fixed fire sign, Leos can be very determined, loyal and courageous especially when it comes to their cubs or children. Leo rules the inner child and our subconscious ability to trust innocently from the heart and with Spirit. By choosing joy and happiness through their generosity of Spirit they are able to radiate an abundant energy freely and unconditionally. This shines and reflects their inner Light ruled by the Sun with it's warm creative power.

Leos love praise and are very sensitive to ridicule. Like the lion's roar they can have quite a fierce temper, yet are usually willing to forgive and let go. They are often very romantic and idealistic in love, quite playful and humorous and they enjoy the good life; luxury and glamor.

Sometimes they need to overcome their tendency to be egocentric or arrogant. Hubris may need to be tempered with humility or humbleness. They can often personalise everything with their fiery passion and their "it's all about me" or drama queen behaviour. Leos may have a need for excessive passionate intensity and excitement (about lower self) that sometimes requires them to learn lessons of balance through their opposite sign; Aquarius.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer is a fixed air sign, which focuses on intuition/science/technology, humanity/group consciousness and the big picture vision. Aquarians can be rather cool, aloof, detached and quite impersonal and may also need the assistance of Leo to balance with the heart in order to get them out of their futuristic minds. Leo qualities can assist Aquarians to connect to their passion/heart and dynamic creative fire and to the Light of Consciousness in the here and now, balancing the head and the heart for each other.

Leo's may be self confident and honest and they can make great natural leaders with integrity. They can inspire those around them with their warmth, like the Light of the Sun, when operating consciously and from the Awakened Heart.

Leo rules royalty, like the new English Royal baby 'George', born on the last full Moon in Aquarius, known in India as Guru Purnima or the full moon of the Guru, a very auspicious full Moon indeed! The next full Moon (August 21) will also be in Aquarius and is known as a Blue Moon due to having two full moons in Aquarius this month!

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is aligning positively (trine) with this new Moon and the Sun in Leo, making his unconventional, revolutionary, original ideas available to break with tradition by creating radical change or chaos. Freedom and higher awareness is a strong focus for many people globally.

By disrupting the status quo and old political and financial systems that are not working or sustainable, we now find many groups of people rejecting the old established order and negative media driven reality. This is happening globally, where many people are dissatisfied and are radically awakening to the higher intuitive consciousness or the need to break free of control and limitations. This is easily spread virally through technology also ruled by Uranus!

Wild ideas, new inventions, 'out of the blue' or original, eccentric and unconventional ways of seeing things may work now!

It is a great time to start something new, have travel adventures or do things that break routines!

By expecting the unexpected and following your heart and inner strength with courage and boldness, you may find fun and play works much more smoothly and easily than resistance. Do what you love doing and set boundaries around tedious jobs and people and the rational mind so you can flow with the serendipity and synchronicity of the higher intuitive mind.

Now is a great time to launch new projects that align with your Soul's highest purpose and passion. By mid month we may need to work thru any fears and limitations as a few challenges may test our strength, courage and commitment. Following through with our passion could take focus and patience rather than spacing out and giving up.

Uranus remains in the ongoing challenging square with Pluto in Capricorn, and both these planets, including Neptune are in their slow retrograde phase, re-working much on an inner level to bring about more shifts.

Jupiter in Cancer, squares Uranus in Aries and is also opposite Pluto in Capricorn from August 7 creating a T-square (challenging pattern) and the opposition to Pluto will repeat three more times. We will also have five Grand Crosses through to April 2014. These patterns are very dynamic and may sometimes create challenges or chaos that breaks down old order.

Space may be necessary to detach from old habitual patterns to flow with the new. This may add tension to old conflicts and ignite disruption that can bring about radical new solutions. It can also be rather extreme in pushing the limits of what many can handle. Be aware of wilfulness, pride and selfish behaviours based on limited or negative beliefs, especially those based on nationalism, security/control, tribalism and religious intolerance. This is what we may see being played out on the world stage.

Again, Jupiter's square (challenge) to Uranus on August 21 - 22 may add more tension to this conflict, so awareness will give us choices.

Jupiter (9 degrees Cancer) also trines the North Node (12 degrees Scorpio) which supports us moving forward with expansion and positive beliefs to flow with our Soul's purpose. Jupiter is also traveling just ahead of Black Moon Lilith (6 Cancer) and the Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athena, Mars and Mercury. The Goddess's Vesta and Ceres are joining the Sun and Moon in Leo, also activating the Divine Feminine and her gifts.

The water trine (free flowing creative energy) between Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn can provide much healing of old beliefs and wounds so we can be responsible and transform what ever needs to be regenerated. This may allow sharing, caring and nurturing with ease and grace.

If you would like a report on where your Goddess's are in your natal chart, visit These reports can be very powerful to work with, especially now.

We have been experiencing so much expansion and amazing, auspicious cycles, especially over the last month of July. Many people have been aware of the beautiful star patterns being reflected back to us from the heavens to manifest Heaven on Earth now so that we can become the star that we are!

Knowing that the Star Tetrahedron, the two grand trines in the earth and water elements, the Grand Sextiles, the Star of David or six pointed star of the Ancient Wisdom teachings, and the Mystical Rectangle have been blessing us with their Divine Presence since the end of july and still having some effect. This really has the WOW factor!

These sacred geometrical patterns are activating energies and frequences that assist us to manifest and build our Light bodies (Merkerba) that can help us access portals to Higher Consciousness, especially now with the Sun shining its Light in the sign of Leo. Imagine traveling at the speed of light in the Golden Age!

We are still under the influence of some of these rare patterns which makes this new Moon a wonderful time to create and play and manifest your highest desires and visions, with the heavenly and universal energies. Amazing opportunities abound! (See July's blog).

With radical shifts in consciousness since the end of the Mayan calendar on 21 December 2012 and the birthing of new archetypes (Uranus) in this new Age of Aquarius, we are in for awesome times ahead. Just remember how special you are 'just because you are here' now at this turning of the ages!

For many, our bodies have been experiencing much fluctuation and sensitivity, as our Higher centres or Chakras open through our focus on yoga, meditation, love, healing the heart and our past. So many people worldwide are now doing these practices and this is moving many of us towards the belief in Oneness globally. It's only a matter of time till humanity reaches a tipping point to really transform the destruction and negativity on our Earth.

By taking personal responsibility, individually and in communities we can create a much more peaceful planet to share; one that is based on nurturing and co-operation, rather than competition and greed. The balance of manifesting with the Divine Feminine is on offer. Much healing is taking place and like a detox, things often seem to get worse before they get better'. Integrating our Shadow and Light into wholeness and being aware of what we choose to energise is of paramount importance now.

Like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz one must have an open heart and courage to be on the Soul's path of conscious evolution.

The Sun is Leo's ruler and it rules the heart and physical condition as well as our vitality and strength. It also represents our will and ego that have to be refined in order to follow our Spirit and our Light and make intuitive choices, rather than follow our unconscious lower/animal nature and it's desires.

The Sun (consciousness) also represents the Light that warms our heart. It is a Yang principal of daylight, a time when people are often active and busy.

Healing broken hearts with forgiveness and compassion, especially in difficult relationships, may be required now by being honest and authentic, letting go of wilfulness and ego pride.

Knowing the heart has the power to transform the Soul, this awakened state of Consciousness is now on offer to all of humanity, who may choose to manifest with Love, Light and Joy in service of humanity's global family. Friendships and communities are very important in this new Age of Aquarius or Golden Age.

When operating on a Soul level and focused through the heart, we have the creative will and power to lift and serve humanity, rather than self, with Love and Light. By healing and releasing our past biological karma, we support wholeness in self and do our bit to share kindness and compassion with others and to elevate ourselves into the One Mind, through the Awakened Heart, by choosing Love. This is Christ Consciousness that we each have the opportunity to master by then becoming the Son of the Sun! We can then all connect and express from our Higher Self manifesting the Soul's purpose with Spirit Greatness, creating for humaneness, on the physical plane, with the joy and happiness of an innocent child. We can trust our creative and playful Spirit to follow the synchronicity and serendipity of our intuition.

"To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, one must be innocent as a child." This speaks of the individuated conscious Soul who knows how to create Heaven on Earth in the here now.

The journey of consciousness (Sun) each individual must take, often known as the Hero's journey is now birthing the New Earth for the family of humanity. Choosing presence and excellence based on the vibration of Love is now required. This is something the Ancient Hawaiians and many indigenous cultures have always known because they have never lost their connection with Spirit and Mother Earth. Aloha or unconditional love is the basis of the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom teachings. Aloha psychology, philosophy and spirituality is still the foundation of their culture today. It is a very useful philosophy for all which embodies Universal Law. Learning about love and the power to create from the heart now can really bring us much joy so we can shine our Inner Light and true essence to all.

Make sure you put your wish list out to the universe at this auspicious time and tune in with a ritualised intention or goal.

"Anyone who loves must learn to lose themselves and then find themselves again"  Paul Coelho.

I look forward to sharing with you on the next New Moon. If you have any questions, please contact me on Facebook or


Saturday 6 July 2013

New Moon in Cancer, 8 July

8 July 2013, 16 degrees of Cancer at 5:14pm AEST

Think about six months ago?  Where were you?   If you put out any goals or intentions on the solstice of 21 December 2012 then now is a good time to review them (Mercury Retrograde in Cancer).   That day was a very powerful date (it was during the time of Capricorn, opposite Cancer) when many gathered at Sacred Sites around the world to focus on the end of the Mayan Calendar and the birth of the New Age of Aquarius; also referred to as the Age of Humanity and the Golden Age.

We are now approaching this New moon in Cancer (water); the second Cardinal sign opposite the sign of Capricorn (earth). The crab rules the 4th house in the horoscope that represents the base or roots, home, family, safety, security and nurturing.The mother / child protective connection and caring is strong and emotional, sometimes even moody.

With so much water energy around this month, we can more easily feel and sense what our needs are. We need to be flexible. It's a wonderful opportunity to adjust and anchor our personal path of evolution, purpose and consciousness.  It's also a powerful magnetic time because of what's known as a Grand Water Trine (creative ease and grace) flowing much of this month.  This makes it a very supportive time to manifest and create; especially in conjunction with this New Moon, the Sun and Mercury (still retrograde till 19 July), flowing with the North Node in Scorpio (deep transformation, power, purpose) and also flowing with Chiron in Pisces (effecting healing, arts and imagination). Trines are 120 degrees apart that forms a triangle of creative energy.

We are now halfway through the year and it is a great time to adjust and refine any intentions we may have set.  The Grand Water Trine's magnetic, creative energy is a chance to redefine our connection to family and those we love and care about. Love or fear attracts! It's our choice! Choose the vibration of love consciously, knowing 'energy flows where attention goes'.

As many planets are now passing through the sign of Cancer we find that we are still in a birthing process, collectively and individually with the great Cosmic Mother, Gaia and our human global family.

This is another very powerful New Moon to seed or birth your dreams into fruition by putting it 'out there' to the Universe.

With Saturn in Scorpio (trine Jupiter in Cancer and trine Neptune in Pisces) we get the Grand Water Trine which is also a wonderful and quite magical configuration for manifesting our dreams!  This peaks around the 14 to 20 July at 5 degrees in each sign.  If you have any planets at these points you will be sure to feel the effects or benefits.

Saturn (conservative, responsibility) and the Lord of Karma (teacher), now moves forward from his retrograde phase (Feb 17 to July 7), the day before this New Moon and asks us what have we learned since February? What have we cleared? Now we can manifest more responsibly with our thoughts and feelings.

Uranus (radical and awakening of our higher consciousness) starts to slow down as he prepares to go retrograde on 17 July till mid December so that we can release and break free of whatever holds us back concerning independence and freedom.

The glyph of the sign of Cancer represents the masculine and feminine seeds and the archetype of Cancer is the cosmic womb in which the seeds of creativity burst forth in diverse ways. Cancer is ruled by the Moon (unconscious) and esoterically ruled by Neptune. At the esoteric level this is mystical creativity that gives birth to the Divine Child within.

Symbols of the waters, the womb of the Goddess, an egg, and creation myths are replete with Cancerian themes, such as the Sumerian Goddess, Inanna, who gave birth to the world. She is said to be the force and energy behind life itself similar to Shakti (power or energy) a term given to the Divine Feminine in Hinduism.  We see many of these Goddesses born of the Moon and her many changeable emotional phases, representing her reflective shadow and light.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which in turn rules the past, the night, reflection, waters, tides, hormones, the stomach, digestion and the cycles of water in our bodies that need to flow so as to purify, heal and release stagnant emotions.

The moon's light is reflected from the Sun.  Any dark passions or emotions that are recorded in the Soul and that require healing through our biological karma are passed down from our families.  They are passed down instinctively from grandmother, mother to daughter, generation to generation through our psychic, our dreams, hidden in our sub-conscious as habitual instincts.  Also passed down are patterns of our lunar or emotional fears, especially regarding safety, nurturing and security and our right to individuate independently.

Cancer's symbol is the crab who sidesteps the tides of the oceans, running backwards and forward, carrying it's home on it's back, with a hard exterior shell but soft and vulnerable on the inside.  In this way, Cancerians must learn to use will power to calm and direct the mind and let go of emotional attachments so as to have balanced emotions and feelings. They can become externally controlling of others rather than having inner self control if the emotional balance is lost.  The lunar past or fears of insecurity can take over at this time; especially around issues of the home and family (unconscious).

At times such as Full Moons emotions can run high.  The female monthly menstrual cycle is also ruled by the lunar moon and her cycles.  At this time, a lack of self nurturing or self love can make women feel out of balance, over emotional and over sensitive, particularly in relation to home and family matters. Rest reflection and healing may be required, or even just supportive compassionate listening can go a long way in sharing family burdens.

Learning to trust one's own feelings and intuition, especially around self-nurturing requires listening to the body and having healthy boundaries. It also requires awareness of when one becomes over protective or unable to let go like the crab claws that can hold on too hard, or doing too much. Knowing when to cut the umbilical cord can also be a major theme here.

We have many planets in Cancer now, including the King of the Heavens, Jupiter who is exalted in Cancer.  He will be there for the next twelve months while he makes everything bigger that he touches (for better or worse).  He also brings opportunities for abundance and expansion.   At present he is traveling with Black Moon Lillith who also is in Cancer (June 2013 to July 2014) adding a little intensity to any shadows that may require transforming into Light, especially in our family systems and global family.

Mars (yang, sexual energy and action) who has been traveling with Pallas Athena (Goddess of Justice and Wisdom) in the late degrees of Gemini will also be joining Jupiter in Cancer throughout the month (exact on the 21st) and will inspire us with courage to take action regarding plans to perhaps take risks to increase personal /family security.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury (retrograde) in Cancer at this New Moon join up with the brightest star in the sky 'Sirius".  This was very important to the Ancient Egyptians.  Sirius heliacal rising marked the beginnings of the Egyptian New Year and was geographiclly aligned with the Queen's Chamber in the Great pyramid of Giza.  It will be very interesting to see what happens in Egypt at present - especially as Jupiter and Mars move up to square the already tense Pluto Uranus square, forming a T-square.  A challenging configuration indeed! Wow!

Sirius is also known as the Dog Star connected to many Ancient cultures including the Dogon Tribes of Africa, the Shumash Native American Indians and some Polynesians. It is also connected to the whales and the dolphins. (See The Sirius Mystery' by Robert K.G Temple).

"The Solar system can be seen as a great living entity, yet an incarnation of a still greater Life which is said to inhabit the star Sirius.  In this sense Sirius is like a Higher Self or Soul to this Solar System". (See The Shambala Impacts by Phillip Lindsay).

Throughout July and August we will experience not only the Grand Water Trine, symbolic of ease and creative flow, but also a kite formation and a six pointed Star of David at the end of July and August!  These symbols represent 'as above so below'; the Hermetic principal and the symbol of 'Will and Purpose' in the Ancient wisdom teachings and esoteric astrology.

So as you get ready for this New Moon write your intentions especially regarding home, family, safety, security and domestic issues.  Take time to go within and connect to your Higher Guidance. Connect and feel how your gifts can be of service to our global family in loving and joyful ways.  Ask yourself "How can I lift my consciousness independently and collectively for the service of humanity?"

Only by doing our own inner work and clearing all our old family baggage and limited beliefs, can we individually and collectively move forward in Oneness and Love.

We will also have 2 full moons in Aquarius in July and August, representing friends, community, humanity and our hopes and wishes, higher awareness and radical change.  The full moon on the 22/23 July is an especially powerful one, celebrated in India as Guru Purnima; the full moon of the Guru which involves the wisdom of Jupiter.  We are in such magical times, so stay alert in presence and excellence of the now, with the 'attitude of gratitude in your heart as we navigate these very auspicious cycles and opportunities,

"Hawaiians are well known for their grace, generosity and happy disposition.  Hawaiian children are raised with a great sense of respect and love for nature and hence themselves - as they too are part of the cycle of all living things on Earth.  Crucial to this learning is a strong love for family, which includes the calabash or extended family - and friends, known as O'hana.  From this stems a sense of focus and balance.  Inner peace and grace come through a sense of understanding how life works around them and that it is always as with a circle, nothing ever ends.  All life is connected in Aloha."  (See A LIttle Book of Aloha).

If you would like any astrological help with understanding your own chart or perhaps like to receive reports on different themes contact me via my website

Have an exciting month ahead,

Saturday 8 June 2013

New Moon in Gemini, 9 June

9 June 2013 at 1:56am AEST, Sydney, Australia

This new Moon (new beginnings/seeding phase) in Gemini provides lots of positive opportunities and benefits to commence and make changes that expand our wisdom and truth, through clear communications of thoughts (Gemini) and feelings (Cancer). With Jupiter (expansion, wisdom and truth) joining the Sun (Conscious Light and Spirit) and the Moon (Unconscious, the past, Soul), this new Moon is ruled by Mercury (communications) and is a great time to feel confident in launching new projects especially those around travel, higher learning, teaching, communication, publishing, and expanding our higher purpose beliefs. Just be careful not to over do it though, or promise more than you can commit to and deliver, as Black Moon Lilith (healing the shadow of our emotional energy) is also joining Jupiter in Gemini for a little extra intensity and healing.

Like the ancient Hawaiians who always followed the beliefs of universal law, understanding 'makia' or 'energy follows thought', we now also need to be very aware of the thoughts we choose to energize, to remain conscious and intuitive, to integrate and shine our Light and manifest with love.

Being grounded and present is essential now, with many planets in the element of air, plus the strong watery energies that are flowing and attracting what ever we want or may not want emotionally. The choice is ours!

We are also graced with a beautiful Grand Water Trine at this time (free flowing creative, magnetic energy) between Saturn in Scorpio; which teaches us to be responsible for use of our will and power and healing of our karmic shadow. Neptune in Pisces supports our dreaming/creative and spiritual connection and it is the higher octave of Venus, representing unconditional love. Venus (love, beauty, money and values) is joined with Mercury, the messenger who rules communications in Gemini and they are both travelling through the sign of Cancer!
This is very good for healing and releasing the past, intuiting spiritually and creating artistically, choosing love over fear and being in the flow, especially for those water signs, where ever they are in your own chart.  Now is a time to be sensitive to our own needs and true Self, and be compassionate to the needs of others as we listen to the call of our Soul.

Be aware of feelings of over sensitivity, giving too much, and feeling too much sympathy rather than empathy for others, or wanting to rescue them which can result in powerlessness (an old paradigm!).  Empathy and healthy flexible boundaries are required. Following our inner wisdom and intuition and knowing when to surrender and when to hang in there requires trust rather than control.

This is also the Chinese year of the Water Snake so there is even more water/emotions! There may be flooding in some places.

So it is a wonderful time to communicate clearly to the Universe what ever you want to manifest with love and remain steady in your faith, while keeping your heart open with gratitude to receive!   Write your wish list or goals and do a meditation or ritual at this time to initiate your intentions. This is a powerful and pleasant time! Choose Joy!

Many Geminis have also experienced excess or the luck of Jupiter over the past year and this planet of expansion will remain in their sign till June 26, when he then moves into the sign of Cancer for the following 12 months.

The Sun co-joins Jupiter for most of June exact on the 20th, bringing lightness, enjoyment, humor and expansion.  The Sun presents our vitality, confidence, ego, yang energy and our right to be individual and shine our inner Light, evolving our Higher Self, our true Spirit, through will and purpose. Choosing to trust our creative Spirit with humility, rather than overdoing it with the ego, which can activate the shadow will take awareness and balance in our choices.

With the Sun in Gemini (May 22 - June 21) or in your own chart where Gemini resides, Gemini energy expresses through talking and communicating, fun and socializing, sharing information and networking, words and thoughts, the rational mind and intellect, ideas, quickness, and curiosity.  They love books, learning, writing and reading, and they may make good teachers and speakers and often excel in sales of all kinds.

Gemini's love stimulation and movement; dance, gymnastics, running, and they thrive on being busy, yet are quite changeable, restless and sometimes fickle due to their adaptability (mutable air sign).

The sign of the Twins is ruled by the planet Mercury who is now traveling through Cancer with the Goddess Venus, the focus now is to feel (rather than think) and communicate kindly, lovingly and compassionately, especially with family and loved ones.

Geminis benefit by keeping their hands busy knitting, typing, technical design, craft, etc, (rather than pointing the finger and blaming others when they are too scattered and these skills help their bodies relax.   Remembering to slow down and breathe, helps to balance the mind with the body as Gemini also rules the lungs/breath.   Like social butterflies, they are very versatile, quick, flighty, dexterous and love multitasking, yet can get bored very quickly, and they are sometimes called a 'jack of all trades and master of none' as they like to experience a wide range of new experiences, yet may find committing to any one thing difficult.

They rule the sign of the Twins (Castor and Pollux), representing the need to choose and balance with duality, and balance the head with the heart. Sometimes they can split off into their heads (two faced/irrational) and scatter their energies.  If ungrounded, they may find themselves operating only from the personality, intellect and rational mind, with a lot to say! And that can be very draining to be around!  Due to intellectualizing and analyzing too much, and perhaps unconscious of listening skills, lack of feeling or depth, they may find sharing empathy, intimacy or commitment difficult.  There is a need to balance thoughts (mind) with feelings (emotions) and body (physical), to be able to follow the Higher Mind of intuition and Soul. They can sometimes have quick tempers with sometimes cruel and cutting words or sarcasm, and must learn to listen and hear others rather than just talking all the time, or talking at people, and especially if they become involved in idle gossip. Knowledge without experience lacks wisdom.

Knowing words are powerful, words create and words can harm or heal is very important for these wordsmiths, and the whole of humanity at this time of radical change on the planet. To be conscious co-creators we have to be responsible for what we say to ourselves and others, and an undisciplined mind can create a lot of trauma and drama, rather than a calm and peaceful mind trained and disciplined in presence and excellence. We get to choose.

Worldwide disruption, change and shifts (collectively and individually) are being reflected by the ongoing Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2025) - transforming authority and the 'powers that be', and challenging (squaring) Uranus in Aries, representing the awakening and rise of people power (which rules the Higher Mind).   Uranus also rules radical change by breaking free of old patterning, birthing new archetypes in the 'Age of Aquarius'  which it rules.  This may create sudden shocks and revolution to the many failing systems that are corrupt and no longer functional or sustainable for Earth or Her people. These 2 planets (2012 - 2015) are challenging each other most of June, effecting the collective and individual consciousness. This is the 3rd pass in 2013 and the next will be in November 2013.

At this new moon, Pluto in Capricorn is also opposite Venus and Mercury in Cancer, squaring Uranus in Aries!   This forms a T-square, a challenging pattern, that could invoke passionate, obsessive or intense relationship communications, and perhaps unconventional mental breakdowns or break throughs, with perhaps flashes of genius insight and original solutions, or even complete transformation and letting go.

The day before this New Moon, Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces on the 8 June, until November 14 which can bring up hidden feelings of confusion, disappointment, hurt, addictive patterns where boundaries may become blurred or unclear.  People who are usually very sharp can be absent minded. Be gentle with self and others. Forgiveness and letting go of hurt may be required.

Mercury in Cancer, June 1-Aug 8, (including 3 weeks retrograde from June 23 to July 19) may bring up the need to communicate clearly with family and loved ones. Unconscious issues from the past regarding safety and nurturing (Cancer) can sometimes create communication blocks and fear.  Mercury retrograde also can attract frustrations, delays and challenges with contracts/communications or mechanical/technical issues. Check all details and contracts very carefully! Be aware of what you say and sign. Think and contemplate how compassion and kindness may help.  Being 'over protective' or insecure with family issues may need awareness.

With Venus, the Goddess of love and values, in Cancer until June 27, it is important to be loving and choose your Divine Feminine (Soul) to nurture, value, and direct self love.  Negatively, this can express as co-dependencies especially around family issues.   By choosing to nurture your Divine Feminine, you can soothe and heal old hurts and patterns with other women, sisters, brothers and this can result in many opportunities to share kindness, caring and authenticity from the Soul.

Gemini rules the 3rd House in the zodiac and also rules short journeys, the neighborhood and siblings, and a lot of our early childhood learning. Many behavioral patterns that were conditioned and learned at that time remain hidden in our subconscious.  The ages from around 9 months to around 2 years, and the feelings learned from that time, may now rise to the surface for healing and re-patterning.  Re-parenting ourselves and reflecting healthy messages of communication and flexible healthy boundaries may be required at this time.

There are many planets retrograde now, including Chiron, the wounded healer, who will station and retrograde at 13 degrees of Pisces on June 17. This could bring up old wounds and core scripts that sometimes have the feeling of being unfair or "it's not my fault" and require healing (as mentioned above).  Chiron is also making a very creative and supportive connection with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, to assist in healing and transforming whatever wounds may be buried in our subconscious patterns and behaviours that may require transformation and regeneration.  It really can be a wonderful time if we choose to be responsible for our words and speak our truth, in honest, kind and authentic ways.

So, with Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron all retrograde this month, we may require some rethinking, re organizing and re-generating. Throw in the Pluto/Uranus square, and the Mars squaring Neptune, and it is time to look at how we nurture our bodies and reduce stress.  Getting out in nature and connecting with Mother Earth, Gaia, the Great Mother and fresh air/breath may help to avoid viruses and a burnt out immune system, or a blocked communications centre which can attract flus, colds and throat problems. Meditation, massage and healthy food will make your Moon happy, and especially after the 21st when the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, and issues regarding the home, family and domestic issues may require attention. Communicate honestly with your body so it won't have to get your attention thru dis-ease or negative lessons/communications.

Mars (yang/sexual/courage/action) in Gemini from June 1-July 13 makes a challenging square to Neptune in Pisces. Pallas Athena (Asteroid Goddess of justice, and wisdom) who is also joining with Mars in Gemini, could challenge us to be fair and wise.  We may find distorting, suppressing or blocking any frustration, righteousness, or anger, very depressing.  Find healthy ways to air out and express difficult feelings. Patience and flexibility may also be required here.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to ask for support when necessary and choose to have faith in the Universe and your Higher Self.

Remember that our Soul wrote the script and our charts so that we can choose to grow consciously!

We are not victims, yet we can feel powerless at times and this calls for compassion, vulnerability and healing, rather than being hard, defensive or egotistical. Keep in mind we may need to re-think, re-work, re-organise, re-generate, re-birth and REWARD ourselves for this journey of life that is unfolding with the Universe's perfection and balance.
Consciousness is Love. Choose to love your Self as well as others!

On June 21 we can celebrate the Winter Solstice here in Australia and the Southern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. In Australia, this is a quiet reflective time of birthing the Light in the darkness of the womb.  The winter, like leaves on the trees, must die to what must be re-birthed for spring time and new growth.   The Solstices and equinoxes represent the four Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn and the four directions. They represent foundations and direct actions we need to choose in order to be individuals and share and to feel secure emotionally to go out in the world to succeed confidently.

What do we need to 'mother' within ourselves to grow in health and happiness?  What do we want to seed now that can produce results at the Summer Solstice in October or the future (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere)?   What is the condition of our roots and our connection to our homes, families (original messages) and Ancestors?  How do we feel at home and how safe do we feel in our bodies? These issues may require focus and nurturing at present.  

By connecting and reflecting on our inner wisdom and Divine Feminine, we take responsibility to nurture ourselves and feel safe within.  Look to where Venus and Mercury in Cancer are traveling through your own chart.  They will also be joined by the Goddesses Ceres and Vesta (Asteroids) at this time.

The Moon is asking us what are our needs? What needs to change emotionally? What fears need healing? What do we need to let go of emotionally?  The Moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer (unconscious and subconscious) which rules the past and our connections to mothering and nurturing.  The Sun travels through the sign of Cancer after the Winter Solstice.

Take time to reflect and care for your Soul and your Spirit (Moon and Sun).

The full Moon in Capricorn, opposite Cancer, follows on June 23 at 9.32pm. This is a lunar cycle of fulfilment which brings things to completion. Follow these natural cycles as they are very empowering!  Enjoy these wonderful opportunities at this half way point of the year that can support your to co-create consciously on your path of Soul Evolution!

I am happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your astrological chart.   I continue doing experiential astrology, individually and with groups, facilitating workshops that assist us to deepen our understanding of our Divine Feminine and Goddess within our individual natal charts. This is powerful transformational work, lots of fun, and gives me much joy.

Your natal chart or Sacred Contract is a powerful tool for self exploration and personal development of your Soul and Spirit and a way live more authentically.
I have over 20 years experience as a professional astrologer, wholistic counsellor, healer and facilitator/teacher.

If you need any astrological help please visit for charts or workshops or contact me directly at

"Who we truly are goes beyond all polarity, including the polarity of love and hate." and "Treat everyone you meet like God in drag"  - Ram Dass

Wednesday 8 May 2013

New Moon Solar Eclipse, 10 May

10 May 2013 at 10:30am AEST, Sydney, Australia (19 Degrees of Taurus)

"The thought manifests as the word, The word manifests as the deed, The deed develops into habit, And the habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its way with care, And let it spring from love.

The way is in the heart … Allow the beauty of your Soul to shine". Buddha

Taurus is the first earth and fixed sign represented by the Bull. It is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty (Aphrodite). It rules money and value and the 2nd house of the zodiac. Taurus expresses in an earthy, steady, practical way. In esoteric astrology, Taurus is ruled by Vulcan. The gift of Taurus is "being present" and an apt motto for it is "I have, therefore I am."

Through this New Moon in Taurus we will feel how in matters of love, this sign is congenitally romantic, needing pleasure, comfort and security. It loves to be wined and dined and loves physical touch, massage, aromatherapy, the sense of smell, quality and sensuality because it rules the five senses. Taurus loves to "smell the roses" and enjoy the body and Mother Earth and experiences of nature.

Material security, values, inner resources, (creativity) and self worth are the domain of Taurus and enjoyment, appreciation of the physical and material worlds are its other gifts. It teaches us to 'let go' of attachments and possessiveness, jealousy, stubbornness, resistance to change, fear of loss - especially of money, and lovers / relationships.

Our values must always be based on a healthy sense of self esteem and confidence in manifesting with the Universe through Love (rather than fear) and trusting in 'the flow' rather than holding on and blocking the flow. Learning how to trust and let go to manifest is now more important. Taurus rules the neck and the throat (and the 5th Chakra that controls our expression of truth. It can influence us musically, in crafts and art and even in things like gardening, farming, cooking (indulging) and working in areas of beauty, fashion or massage.

Taurus is governed by the Earth Goddess and the Sacred Cow. In the Precession of the Ages and the Age of Taurus from 4200 to 2300 BCE, humanity worshiped the Holy Cow and the Golden Calf. Krishna appeared in India during this time, spreading the cult of the cow. The Semites worshiped the Bull god El. And in Crete it was the Goddess Europa, who as a cow gave both to the Bull King Minos. The Great Goddess Hera was revered as the cow eyed queen. This age reflected the age of agriculture and advances in farming such as use of the oxen. The horns of the bull were sen to represent the lunar crescent, as the moon is exalted in Taurus.

This new Moon is a special one because of the Solar Eclipse - a seeing and new beginning. It is at 19 degrees of Taurus, with the Sun, Moon and the asteroid - Goddess Pallas Athena. She is the Warrior Goddess of strategy and wisdom, diplomacy, creativity and healing. Her birth represented the balancing of the feminine/masculine energies and the transition of the patriarchy to matriarchy and the balancing of the head and the heart through the Divine feminine.

In mythology, Pallas Athena was second only to Jupiter / Zeus in rank. By choosing the courage to care for the Earth and her inhabitants, we can manifest to create rather than destroy our Earth and nature and enjoy the fruits of the Earth Mother. Eclipses can effect the electromagnetic field of the Earth as well as our bodies. This is a major time of change and there are many opportunities to manifest with the Universal laws of attraction and abundance at this time, through Love (Venus) and valuing our Earth and our bodies How stressed are you ? Do you live in your head?

We also have the Goddess Sedna (dwarf planet) joining this new moon at 23 of Taurus. She is the Inuit Goddess of the Sea who stirs up what has been submerged in the collective unconscious oceans and who protects all creatures of the sea (whales, dolphins and turtles, etc.) urging us to care for all those who live there.

Goddess Juno at 15 Aquarius, squares the Nodes. With all these planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Pallas Athena, all around the South Node (our past karma ) we must look at what does not sustain us and our natural environment and birth new paths through love and the sharing of abundance. We can do this by using the laws of the Universe, especially the law of attraction ruled by Venus.

At this time, another asteroid Goddess Ceres (which is also a dwarf planet) is at 12 degrees of Cancer and is joined by the asteroid Goddess Vesta at 5 degrees of Cancer and opposes Pluto at 11 of Cancer in Capricorn, who is squaring Uranus in Aries. (See last month's article on that subject). Yet, Ceres is also in a beautiful abundant 'grand water trine' (positive creative flow) with the North Node / Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in the water signs. This offers us creative ways of healing and intuiting the Divine Feminine through love and choosing to nourish and enjoy our magnificence as loving, trusting humans who can share and care for one another, and take responsibility for what we are creating with our thoughts and emotions.

The 'Sabian symbol' for this New moon Eclipse at 20 Taurus is "wisps of wing like clouds streaming across the sky; the awareness of spiritual forces at work."

Take time to enjoy the fruits of all things Taurus. Nurture your bodies, create abundance with the love of your heart, manifest so you can enjoy sharing luxury with all. Spend time in nature writing your wish list and do a ritual to the goddess of abundance Laksmi.

Write a list of 10 things you want to manifest that could create more beauty, love and joy in harmony with the good of all.

See more on my website at or email me at for more info on the asteroid Goddesses or if you would like to understand more about your own chart. Enjoy the love and Light of the Goddess.

Until the next New Moon,
Aloha Pai'e

Monday 8 April 2013

New Moon in Aries, 10 April

10 April 2013 at 20 Degrees of Aries, 7:35pm AEST, Sydney, Australia

New Moon cycles are when the luminaries; the Sun and the Moon, join together for birthing and commencing new beginnings. It is a perfect time to set our intentions and seed new goals and to put into action our focused plans and desires or launch a new enterprise.

This is a very potent new cycle in which we can initiate exciting new visions and boldly follow our impulses and intuition spontaneously and courageously.

Now is a great time to get passionate, self reliant, aware, and fired up by exciting new ideas. It’s a time to put into action what we may have previously received in our dreamtime, visions or meditations especially from last month's passive planetary focus in Pisces (water energy) urging us to surrender, release, let go and to make way for the new.

Recently many millions of people around the world gathered at sacred sites and in many various global communities for the Solstice in Capricorn on the 21 December 2012 to acknowledge the closing of a 26,000 year cycle and envision the shift into the Consciousness of Oneness.  This is also known as the Age of Humanity, Technology and Intuition; the futuristic Age of Aquarius.

We recently had the Equinox on the 21/3/2013 which was a very significant moment in time, as the Sun moved into Aries; the first sign of the zodiac and crossed the ascendant. This is much like experiencing a rebirth or new life!  It is a magical time to re-write our Sacred Contracts individually and collectively with the conscious awareness and choice.

Zero degrees of Aries is a world point that effects both the collective and individual consciousness.  This new dynamic energy (Cardinal-Aries fire energy) represents a powerful time to birth positive change and new systems based on a balanced masculine and feminine, rather than the old dominating order of Patriarchy.

This Aries New Moon is a great time to be assertive rather than aggressive as we break free of old limitations.

The equinox and the New Moon charts show much change and transformation and perhaps quite a few shocks that may electrify and bring down much corruption; especially in the areas of government, corporations and the financial systems of debt/greed.  These systems are no longer sustainable for the Earth and her humanity.

This is represented by the on-going and challenging aspects such as the 7 passes of Uranus/Pluto challenging each other (square) during 2012-2015.  The sensitive 11 degrees of the cardinal signs will be activated in May 2013 (Aries/ Libra, Cancer/ Capricorn) and may be felt strongly in certain areas (houses) of your own chart, especially if you have planets around this degree of the Cardinal signs.

This Indicates a very powerful time of destroying the old and we are likely to see many radical new revolutionary breakthroughs that we may experience as loss or empowerment and deep transformation on a personal level.  (Visit, if you wish to find out where these are in your own chart).

This is a very challenging time for the old established order and a great time to create freedom and radical change because people around the world want reform much like the 60's (especially around the times of 1965 - 67 when many of these ideals were seeded).   Revolution and awakening are necessary in order to create change and this is the domain of Uranus, which rules the sign of Aquarius and Humanity in this new age. 

Breaking out of the box may be required to bring in new visionary, quirky and original ideas to break up the old conditioning. Grounding the body, improving circulation and physical movement help us to balance so that we don't space out and become too extreme. (Aries loves physical action).

It is time to “be the change you want to see” (Gandhi). Live in the Now, intuitively and knowingly and remember “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Awaken and be Present.  Discipline the lower mind and trust your Higher Self to manifest in partnership with your creative Spirit!  Trust your own body (gut-feelings) and Spirit because that is your first partnership and be centred in Self rather than 'self centred'.

Be a conscious co-creator; especially now, as we are approach the stormy eclipse season which can highlight “shadows” that may need to surface in the Light.  These may intensely transform old emotional and financial dependencies based on control that do not serve our highest good.

The first eclipse of this eclipse season is a Lunar Eclipse (full moon) also ruled by Mars and Pluto that occurs on the 25/26 April, in the sign of Scorpio (5 degrees).  This is followed by the Taurus Solar Eclipse (19 degree) on 10 May and then the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on 25 May (4 degrees).

So with 3 eclipses and the Pluto/Uranus challenge, we need to be very flexible and aware of how to navigate through the 'birth canal' that is delivering our new world.

Like the 'Fool' in the Tarot we require trust in our Higher Self/Spirit to manifest and create as we step onto our new path with synchronicity and serendipity and the innocence of a loving child.

Eclipses can affect us for up to 6 weeks prior and many months after. They are kind of like wild cards; especially Solar Eclipses (New Moons). Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional (full moons/completion times).  They can trigger very old emotional feelings that may bring disruption, showing us where the 'shadow' or unconscious patterns may need to be integrated and balanced with the Light of Consciousness.

Pluto, who rules Scorpio (and the higher octave of Mars) is known as Lord of the Underworld and was demoted to a Dwarf Planet a few years ago. He is in the sign of Capricorn, (2008 - 2025) and is transforming corporate and government structures as well as individuals, regarding the use of power, disempowerment, empowerment.

He will slow down and appear stationary during his 'retrograde' period from the 13/4/2013 to 21/9 2013, shortly after the New moon.

Pluto retrograde, may be felt more internally, and can sometimes 'implode' to release and clear blockages. Better to allow letting go and releasing, rather than resisting, as holding on stubbornly can be destructive rather than creative.

We need to understand that alchemy of the Soul may be taking place to reveal powerful deep truths and gifts of the authentic self which may be buried beneath the surface (the gold). This deep inner transformation and change may appear as loss and letting go so the soul is able to regenerate and re-birth.

Anyone with planets near the very sensitive 11 degree of cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) may also feel this personal transformation, destabilisation and intensity through various periods right up to the end of 2014.  Remember Pluto only clears what needs to be recycled and regenerated and anything that is built on a strong foundation will often remain strong.

Saturn the Lord of Karma (who rules Capricorn) is in the sign of Scorpio (till 10/2015) and is teaching us powerful lessons regarding responsibility, self control and authority. He is also in his retrograde phase from 17/2 2013 to 7/7/2013.  The Grim Reaper demands we pay our dues and debts, clearing and healing any deep secret emotional issues connected to financial debt, lack, control/manipulation of shared resources. This applies especially to past issues regarding sex and intimacy, fear, death/rebirth that may require regeneration.

This paves the way for us to feel secure and stable in our own Sacred Marriage of our Feminine/Masculine trusting the Soul/Authentic Self and body to manifest with our Highest purpose. Aries rules the head and the personality and must caution running with the ego.  Patience may be required!  Saturn in Scorpio is also ruled by Mars and Pluto. It joins the full moon and North Node in the upcoming Lunar eclipse on April 25/26.

Neptune and Chiron are still in Pisces and are providing artistic, healing, and spiritual opportunities to assist in supporting Saturn in Scorpio in creative ways. These feminine water signs can help us to flow with love and compassion and attract abundance and intuitive gifts, when used with awareness.

These energies will also be supported by Jupiter, Lord of expansion and abundance when he goes into Cancer, at the end of June.  This will be a beautiful time to manifest smoothly and easily (grand water trine) with freely flowing creative, magnetic manifesting energy that can attract magic and miracles!

Early July is another wonderful time to manifest the new consciousness with love, joy and nurturing.  Jupiter is still in Gemini till 26 June, challenging Neptune and Chiron. This will us to understand the power of our spoken word, choose conscious communications and speak our truth.

Gemini loves to share information especially in social networking and through technology, yet we may need to be careful not to become addicted to mobile phones and our devices which can blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Mercury is still in dreamy Pisces till 15 April, so communications may still feel quite emotional and sensitive until April 15 when the messenger planet also moves into Aries where he is much more direct, frank and assertive in the pioneering sign of the Ram.

This New Moon, on April 10 is at 7.35pm (Sydney) and is a great time to set your goals! Now is the time to write your wish list for the year!

It is a powerful time to initiate your creative Will with the will of Spirit.   It has a power packed gang of planets (conjunctions) all in Aries, intensifying radical new energy. The line-up is Uranus, Moon, Sun, Eris, Mars and Venus!  Whether it is starting a new career/business, a relationship, physical health regime, or doing something spontaneous to break out of the old, focus on your courage and drive, to break through any limitations. Allow your “go-getter” to run independently at this heightened time of passion, enthusiasm and activity. Initiate inspiring new paths!

Trail blaze, enjoy sports, get physical and also be aware of the strong assertive warrior yang energy that would much rather compete and lead, than co-operate. Be aware not to overdo it though, which could cause frustrations / anger / violence / accidents and burn out.

Stress, headaches, torn muscles, and accidents can be prevented by taking care to be Present, and not forcing the energy or issues.

Do remember to breathe, so as not to erupt, and let us hope the Earth herself does not need to have any eruptions either. These are revolutionary times of birthing the new world of Consciousness, in the Age of Humanity and Intuition.

Venus and Mars, the lovers, and Eris; the new Dwarf planet discovered in 2003 are also conjunct the Sun, Moon and Uranus in Aries at 22/23 degrees.  Eris is known as a 'Plutoid' and her discovery lead to the demotion of Pluto resulting in new astronomical categories.

She is known as the Great Disrupter.  In mythology, Eris is the sister of Ares (Mars) the Greek God of war and was the one who tossed the apple that lead to the Trojan War. She is considered a shadow Goddess, ruling the night, and symbolises the difficulties resulting from suppression of the Divine feminine. Her discovery created disruption in itself and she will not join those planets again till 2045! She will also shake up any issues to help us balance our masculine and feminine energies in the very yang sign of Aries.

We must ask ourselves can we trust our inner yang masculine energy? How healthy is your Will?  Can you trust your physical/sexual energy and desires to flow to higher conscious levels that are constructive rather than destructive? Can you be assertive rather than competitive or aggressive?  Can you direct your thoughts/mind (Mercury) to your Higher Mind/Self (Uranus) to follow your intuitive impulses. Or does the ego drive and dominate and need to control?  Do you live in your head?  Do you need to balance your heart and head by nurturing you body?

Now is a time for the new paradigm to take action based on new beliefs.  Birthing the new archetypes is the realm of Uranus, in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries which recently began its new 84 year cycle.

Birthing the new awareness and acting consciously is now required. We must choose to be assertive individuated Peaceful Warriors; committed to protect and balance our own Divine Feminine, not take over.  This requires Love (Venus); the yin creative energy that creates, births and values regardless of our gender. Gay rights may also require acceptance.

These are very exciting times and can also be quite chaotic and revolutionary! Aries is ruled by Mars (lower octave) and rules desire/personal will. Pluto (higher octave) rules Divine Will and the creative fire energy and power to transmute.  This moon crosses Uranus (9 degrees Aries), just before the new moon. Be careful of being impatient or too forceful, causing frustrations that could lead to blowing a fuse which can cause sudden feelings of alienation along with eccentric or unpredictable behaviour.

Passions could be electrifying and firing on all cylinders! So enjoy the energy of Venus and Mars and you may feel sexually attractive as well as attracting new relationship opportunities. Take risks and be spontaneous in stepping forward!  This is a wonderful time as it commences the new astrological year and is a truly dynamic and exciting new cycle.

A keyword for Aries is "I am".  Aries is self directed and independent.  For those who have their Sun in the sign of Aries, March 21 to April 21; happy birthday! This will be a very exciting time for you. You may feel confident and positive so take advantage of this magnetic energy to manifest your passions, step up and go for it! Youthful like the spring, Aries can jump into action head first. Often acting and then thinking!   It is often said they 'jump in where angels fear to tread'!

From the Universal standpoint Aries is the first impulse of the Life force into activity; the decent of the Divine spark into manifestation.

Make sure to write 10 intentions or goals to let the universe know you are ready to move ahead with your leadership and strength and pioneering Spirit.

Success is connected to action and successful people just keep moving, acting on their dreams!

Get excited!   Just do it!

See you for next month's New Moon and other astrological times of interest!

You may want to take this opportunity to see where these energies are in you own chart. Where are the new opportunities opening up for you at present?  So if you would like me to do your natal chart or transits, or have any questions, please email me or visit