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New Moon in Cancer, 8 July

8 July 2013, 16 degrees of Cancer at 5:14pm AEST

Think about six months ago?  Where were you?   If you put out any goals or intentions on the solstice of 21 December 2012 then now is a good time to review them (Mercury Retrograde in Cancer).   That day was a very powerful date (it was during the time of Capricorn, opposite Cancer) when many gathered at Sacred Sites around the world to focus on the end of the Mayan Calendar and the birth of the New Age of Aquarius; also referred to as the Age of Humanity and the Golden Age.

We are now approaching this New moon in Cancer (water); the second Cardinal sign opposite the sign of Capricorn (earth). The crab rules the 4th house in the horoscope that represents the base or roots, home, family, safety, security and nurturing.The mother / child protective connection and caring is strong and emotional, sometimes even moody.

With so much water energy around this month, we can more easily feel and sense what our needs are. We need to be flexible. It's a wonderful opportunity to adjust and anchor our personal path of evolution, purpose and consciousness.  It's also a powerful magnetic time because of what's known as a Grand Water Trine (creative ease and grace) flowing much of this month.  This makes it a very supportive time to manifest and create; especially in conjunction with this New Moon, the Sun and Mercury (still retrograde till 19 July), flowing with the North Node in Scorpio (deep transformation, power, purpose) and also flowing with Chiron in Pisces (effecting healing, arts and imagination). Trines are 120 degrees apart that forms a triangle of creative energy.

We are now halfway through the year and it is a great time to adjust and refine any intentions we may have set.  The Grand Water Trine's magnetic, creative energy is a chance to redefine our connection to family and those we love and care about. Love or fear attracts! It's our choice! Choose the vibration of love consciously, knowing 'energy flows where attention goes'.

As many planets are now passing through the sign of Cancer we find that we are still in a birthing process, collectively and individually with the great Cosmic Mother, Gaia and our human global family.

This is another very powerful New Moon to seed or birth your dreams into fruition by putting it 'out there' to the Universe.

With Saturn in Scorpio (trine Jupiter in Cancer and trine Neptune in Pisces) we get the Grand Water Trine which is also a wonderful and quite magical configuration for manifesting our dreams!  This peaks around the 14 to 20 July at 5 degrees in each sign.  If you have any planets at these points you will be sure to feel the effects or benefits.

Saturn (conservative, responsibility) and the Lord of Karma (teacher), now moves forward from his retrograde phase (Feb 17 to July 7), the day before this New Moon and asks us what have we learned since February? What have we cleared? Now we can manifest more responsibly with our thoughts and feelings.

Uranus (radical and awakening of our higher consciousness) starts to slow down as he prepares to go retrograde on 17 July till mid December so that we can release and break free of whatever holds us back concerning independence and freedom.

The glyph of the sign of Cancer represents the masculine and feminine seeds and the archetype of Cancer is the cosmic womb in which the seeds of creativity burst forth in diverse ways. Cancer is ruled by the Moon (unconscious) and esoterically ruled by Neptune. At the esoteric level this is mystical creativity that gives birth to the Divine Child within.

Symbols of the waters, the womb of the Goddess, an egg, and creation myths are replete with Cancerian themes, such as the Sumerian Goddess, Inanna, who gave birth to the world. She is said to be the force and energy behind life itself similar to Shakti (power or energy) a term given to the Divine Feminine in Hinduism.  We see many of these Goddesses born of the Moon and her many changeable emotional phases, representing her reflective shadow and light.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which in turn rules the past, the night, reflection, waters, tides, hormones, the stomach, digestion and the cycles of water in our bodies that need to flow so as to purify, heal and release stagnant emotions.

The moon's light is reflected from the Sun.  Any dark passions or emotions that are recorded in the Soul and that require healing through our biological karma are passed down from our families.  They are passed down instinctively from grandmother, mother to daughter, generation to generation through our psychic, our dreams, hidden in our sub-conscious as habitual instincts.  Also passed down are patterns of our lunar or emotional fears, especially regarding safety, nurturing and security and our right to individuate independently.

Cancer's symbol is the crab who sidesteps the tides of the oceans, running backwards and forward, carrying it's home on it's back, with a hard exterior shell but soft and vulnerable on the inside.  In this way, Cancerians must learn to use will power to calm and direct the mind and let go of emotional attachments so as to have balanced emotions and feelings. They can become externally controlling of others rather than having inner self control if the emotional balance is lost.  The lunar past or fears of insecurity can take over at this time; especially around issues of the home and family (unconscious).

At times such as Full Moons emotions can run high.  The female monthly menstrual cycle is also ruled by the lunar moon and her cycles.  At this time, a lack of self nurturing or self love can make women feel out of balance, over emotional and over sensitive, particularly in relation to home and family matters. Rest reflection and healing may be required, or even just supportive compassionate listening can go a long way in sharing family burdens.

Learning to trust one's own feelings and intuition, especially around self-nurturing requires listening to the body and having healthy boundaries. It also requires awareness of when one becomes over protective or unable to let go like the crab claws that can hold on too hard, or doing too much. Knowing when to cut the umbilical cord can also be a major theme here.

We have many planets in Cancer now, including the King of the Heavens, Jupiter who is exalted in Cancer.  He will be there for the next twelve months while he makes everything bigger that he touches (for better or worse).  He also brings opportunities for abundance and expansion.   At present he is traveling with Black Moon Lillith who also is in Cancer (June 2013 to July 2014) adding a little intensity to any shadows that may require transforming into Light, especially in our family systems and global family.

Mars (yang, sexual energy and action) who has been traveling with Pallas Athena (Goddess of Justice and Wisdom) in the late degrees of Gemini will also be joining Jupiter in Cancer throughout the month (exact on the 21st) and will inspire us with courage to take action regarding plans to perhaps take risks to increase personal /family security.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury (retrograde) in Cancer at this New Moon join up with the brightest star in the sky 'Sirius".  This was very important to the Ancient Egyptians.  Sirius heliacal rising marked the beginnings of the Egyptian New Year and was geographiclly aligned with the Queen's Chamber in the Great pyramid of Giza.  It will be very interesting to see what happens in Egypt at present - especially as Jupiter and Mars move up to square the already tense Pluto Uranus square, forming a T-square.  A challenging configuration indeed! Wow!

Sirius is also known as the Dog Star connected to many Ancient cultures including the Dogon Tribes of Africa, the Shumash Native American Indians and some Polynesians. It is also connected to the whales and the dolphins. (See The Sirius Mystery' by Robert K.G Temple).

"The Solar system can be seen as a great living entity, yet an incarnation of a still greater Life which is said to inhabit the star Sirius.  In this sense Sirius is like a Higher Self or Soul to this Solar System". (See The Shambala Impacts by Phillip Lindsay).

Throughout July and August we will experience not only the Grand Water Trine, symbolic of ease and creative flow, but also a kite formation and a six pointed Star of David at the end of July and August!  These symbols represent 'as above so below'; the Hermetic principal and the symbol of 'Will and Purpose' in the Ancient wisdom teachings and esoteric astrology.

So as you get ready for this New Moon write your intentions especially regarding home, family, safety, security and domestic issues.  Take time to go within and connect to your Higher Guidance. Connect and feel how your gifts can be of service to our global family in loving and joyful ways.  Ask yourself "How can I lift my consciousness independently and collectively for the service of humanity?"

Only by doing our own inner work and clearing all our old family baggage and limited beliefs, can we individually and collectively move forward in Oneness and Love.

We will also have 2 full moons in Aquarius in July and August, representing friends, community, humanity and our hopes and wishes, higher awareness and radical change.  The full moon on the 22/23 July is an especially powerful one, celebrated in India as Guru Purnima; the full moon of the Guru which involves the wisdom of Jupiter.  We are in such magical times, so stay alert in presence and excellence of the now, with the 'attitude of gratitude in your heart as we navigate these very auspicious cycles and opportunities,

"Hawaiians are well known for their grace, generosity and happy disposition.  Hawaiian children are raised with a great sense of respect and love for nature and hence themselves - as they too are part of the cycle of all living things on Earth.  Crucial to this learning is a strong love for family, which includes the calabash or extended family - and friends, known as O'hana.  From this stems a sense of focus and balance.  Inner peace and grace come through a sense of understanding how life works around them and that it is always as with a circle, nothing ever ends.  All life is connected in Aloha."  (See A LIttle Book of Aloha).

If you would like any astrological help with understanding your own chart or perhaps like to receive reports on different themes contact me via my website

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