Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New Moon in Virgo, 5 September

13 degrees Virgo at 9.36pm Australia Eastern Standard Time.

Aloha and Happy Birthday to all Virgos this month!

This is another power packed New Moon and birthing time with plenty of opportunity to organise and systemise ourselves in body, mind and spirit so that we can take responsibility to create a healthy daily work-life balance and enjoy being of service to the whole, including our pets and animals by doing what we love daily.

This takes focus, synthesis, organization and systemisation. It requires sorting the 'wheat from the chaff' (Virgo gift's) and stability/responsibility to mature and choose, (Saturn/North Node in Scorpio). By healing our past/child/wounds (Chiron and Neptune in Pisces),we can create healthy boundaries that reduce stress in our lives and help us to evolve spiritually and intuitively.

This is a great time to start any Spring cleaning so that we can be ready for the Equinox on 21 September - a beautiful time of equanimity and balance.

By knowing how to nurture our bodies/selves with our Divine Feminine and the creative healing energies represented by Jupiter, Lillith and Pallas Athena all traveling through the sign of Cancer, we can learn to feel safe and be present and able to heal old family history/patterns and connection to our roots.

A tree cannot grow strongly into the Light if the root system is dysfunctional. The same with our home/family and environment.

By feeling safe and secure, we can then create strong foundations within ourselves, so we can become more enlightened and move into conscious Oneness and Love, with our true self, global family and our Earth Mother.

This New Moon offers us much healing and an opportunity to organise ourselves to move forward with new work projects and better health regimes for an enjoyable work-life balance. It's a great time to do a spring clean which can also mean a detox! Let go of any old stuff that is no longer required.

By minimising clutter and confusion, Virgo helps us to to purify our bodies and our environment and systemise and organise our lifestyles.

Virgo represents the Goddess of the hearth who is pure in Spirit and her gift is purity and discernment. She rules healthy food and grains and is very aware of the energy we feed our physical bodies daily and our levels of stress.

Only when Virgo is out of balance do we see the analytical, stressed or workaholic and critical perfectionist who judges oneself harshly for not being able to control and do everything. To counter this requires the energy of Virgo's opposite sign, Pisces to become more 'watery' creative and spiritual and to be able to let go and go with the flow. Pisces sometimes also needs the Virgo earth to ground and create stable physical routines when they become too sensitive, emotional, addicted or wanting to escape from life's sometimes harsh realities.

Virgo is a  feminine mutable earth sign that also rules the Asteroid Goddesss and Chiron (known as the 'wounded healer ' or 'Rainbow Bridge' to our Higher Self Connection).

This is a powerful time to work with the Feminine Goddesses who also feature strongly in this new Moon and which also has a Star of David pattern that has been blessing us recently. See chart below.

This star is represented by the Grand Water Trine and the Grand Earth Trine - both feminine energies in the New Moon chart and in the heavens.  It is a 6 pointed star that represents 'as above, so below' and it is the symbol of the Ancient Wisdom teachings/Hermetic principals along with the Merkabah in Sacred Geometry.  This geometry is now available for us to activate new archetypes or new seeding patterns of consciousness within ourselves.   All this allows us to build our Light Bodies here on earth and to learn to move telepathically and inter-dimensionally with the consciousness of Love and Light and the spirituality of the new Golden Age or Age of Aquarius and Intuition that is birthing.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and is also travels with the Sun and the Moon, so we must watch our thoughts and words!

Words are powerful! Words create! Knowing they have the ability to create what we either want or may not want in our lives!

Therefore, we need to be responsible for what we say and honour our commitments and word. This will help to clear and heal our throat chakra so we can be honest and truthful in all our communications. This then helps us in all our relationships.

The Virgo planets are getting support from Pluto in Capricorn and Goddess Ceres (the wife/nurturing Goddess/partner of Jupiter) to assist us in transforming our physical material needs by changing the corporate, financial and government structures that longer serve the will of the people.

We also have a federal election shortly after this New Moon here in Australia and this should be interesting, especially as Prime Minister Rudd is a Virgo!

The ongoing Pluto/Uranus square is tightening now so some volatile energies can still erupt with Pluto opposite Jupiter and Black Moon Lillith!  A good example is the situation in Syria.   These energies can bring up the blocked or shadow energies that need clearing and healing.  Yet, this seems to be tempered by people power opposing this and the governments having to follow! This could make the difference now, especially due to the internet and technology giving the masses a voice.

The body is a vehicle for the Soul.  What vibration are you running on? Do you hold the vibration of love or stress in your body to manifests with Spirit?  Are you able to fulfill your purpose or Sacred Contract (astrology chart/soul's intention) in your daily life with joy and happiness?

The body is like a vehicle and perhaps it needs a service? How have you been treating your body lately ? Does it need a massage or health check?

How do you take responsibility for yourself on daily basic, balancing work/play, diet/excise, meditation/work, trust/control?  Is your body stressed or flowing smoothly and easily with all the technical upgrades?  Yes, Virgo also rules the internet and technical gadgets.

Do you find yourself in front of the computer or at work all the time addicted) and stuck in your head analysing all the facts in front of the screen?

Can you instead create a balance with nature, exercise, fresh air - nourishing good healthy foods with time to enjoy and play?  What kind of food or fuel do you nourish your body with?

Is there a balance with work/play/fun/creativity and spiritual/material balance? Do you have a daily yoga /meditation practice?

Do you understand and care for your own needs or are you dependent on others? Are you grounded?

Are you aware of your own needs, personal boundaries and responsibilities? Do you feel responsible for others with not enough time for yourself?

These are the many questions we must ask ourselves at this time to be able to live in a balanced physical/material and spiritual world of choice.

Consciousness gives us awareness and the choice to love and heal any unconscious patterns. It may be a good time to see your Naturopath or Therapist  or connect to your body's innate wisdom. The body can be trusted to be honest and that is why it accurately reflects our past beliefs and choices.

This is a time to create what you want by being able to fulfill your work and purpose, synthesising and organising your talents so you can be happy being of service to yourself, your family and humanity, by being conscious and responsible for what you contribute. We are all contributing vibrationally to the collective soup and if we focus on love and kindness rather than fear and stress we can all really make a difference.

Our physical bodies are the vehicle for our Divine Feminine to create healthy daily routines (Virgo) that are stress free. By nurturing with compassion and kindness and being grounded and present we can manifest our dreams and create healthy work places and routines that support creativity and abundance.

Virgo and Mercury rule the 6th House or place for all of this in your own natal chart.

If you would like a Health and Wellness report, I would be happy to send you a highly personalized one that can be very empowering for your own health and wellness as seen through your own astrological natal chart. See for details.

I have been a wholistic intuitive bodyworker for almost 30 years and one thing I have learnt is

"the mind can tell you anything, but the body never lies!

And remember…

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and Spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the Soul are open". B.K.S. Iyengar

Have a healthy and relaxed month ahead, remember to put your intentions for health and wellness out on the New Moon in Virgo and enjoy the upcoming Spring Equinox. Both are wonderful times to attend or do rituals to connect with the natural or circadian rhythms of Mother Earth and the Divine within.

Till next new moon,


Pai'e xx

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