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New Moon in Gemini, 9 June

9 June 2013 at 1:56am AEST, Sydney, Australia

This new Moon (new beginnings/seeding phase) in Gemini provides lots of positive opportunities and benefits to commence and make changes that expand our wisdom and truth, through clear communications of thoughts (Gemini) and feelings (Cancer). With Jupiter (expansion, wisdom and truth) joining the Sun (Conscious Light and Spirit) and the Moon (Unconscious, the past, Soul), this new Moon is ruled by Mercury (communications) and is a great time to feel confident in launching new projects especially those around travel, higher learning, teaching, communication, publishing, and expanding our higher purpose beliefs. Just be careful not to over do it though, or promise more than you can commit to and deliver, as Black Moon Lilith (healing the shadow of our emotional energy) is also joining Jupiter in Gemini for a little extra intensity and healing.

Like the ancient Hawaiians who always followed the beliefs of universal law, understanding 'makia' or 'energy follows thought', we now also need to be very aware of the thoughts we choose to energize, to remain conscious and intuitive, to integrate and shine our Light and manifest with love.

Being grounded and present is essential now, with many planets in the element of air, plus the strong watery energies that are flowing and attracting what ever we want or may not want emotionally. The choice is ours!

We are also graced with a beautiful Grand Water Trine at this time (free flowing creative, magnetic energy) between Saturn in Scorpio; which teaches us to be responsible for use of our will and power and healing of our karmic shadow. Neptune in Pisces supports our dreaming/creative and spiritual connection and it is the higher octave of Venus, representing unconditional love. Venus (love, beauty, money and values) is joined with Mercury, the messenger who rules communications in Gemini and they are both travelling through the sign of Cancer!
This is very good for healing and releasing the past, intuiting spiritually and creating artistically, choosing love over fear and being in the flow, especially for those water signs, where ever they are in your own chart.  Now is a time to be sensitive to our own needs and true Self, and be compassionate to the needs of others as we listen to the call of our Soul.

Be aware of feelings of over sensitivity, giving too much, and feeling too much sympathy rather than empathy for others, or wanting to rescue them which can result in powerlessness (an old paradigm!).  Empathy and healthy flexible boundaries are required. Following our inner wisdom and intuition and knowing when to surrender and when to hang in there requires trust rather than control.

This is also the Chinese year of the Water Snake so there is even more water/emotions! There may be flooding in some places.

So it is a wonderful time to communicate clearly to the Universe what ever you want to manifest with love and remain steady in your faith, while keeping your heart open with gratitude to receive!   Write your wish list or goals and do a meditation or ritual at this time to initiate your intentions. This is a powerful and pleasant time! Choose Joy!

Many Geminis have also experienced excess or the luck of Jupiter over the past year and this planet of expansion will remain in their sign till June 26, when he then moves into the sign of Cancer for the following 12 months.

The Sun co-joins Jupiter for most of June exact on the 20th, bringing lightness, enjoyment, humor and expansion.  The Sun presents our vitality, confidence, ego, yang energy and our right to be individual and shine our inner Light, evolving our Higher Self, our true Spirit, through will and purpose. Choosing to trust our creative Spirit with humility, rather than overdoing it with the ego, which can activate the shadow will take awareness and balance in our choices.

With the Sun in Gemini (May 22 - June 21) or in your own chart where Gemini resides, Gemini energy expresses through talking and communicating, fun and socializing, sharing information and networking, words and thoughts, the rational mind and intellect, ideas, quickness, and curiosity.  They love books, learning, writing and reading, and they may make good teachers and speakers and often excel in sales of all kinds.

Gemini's love stimulation and movement; dance, gymnastics, running, and they thrive on being busy, yet are quite changeable, restless and sometimes fickle due to their adaptability (mutable air sign).

The sign of the Twins is ruled by the planet Mercury who is now traveling through Cancer with the Goddess Venus, the focus now is to feel (rather than think) and communicate kindly, lovingly and compassionately, especially with family and loved ones.

Geminis benefit by keeping their hands busy knitting, typing, technical design, craft, etc, (rather than pointing the finger and blaming others when they are too scattered and these skills help their bodies relax.   Remembering to slow down and breathe, helps to balance the mind with the body as Gemini also rules the lungs/breath.   Like social butterflies, they are very versatile, quick, flighty, dexterous and love multitasking, yet can get bored very quickly, and they are sometimes called a 'jack of all trades and master of none' as they like to experience a wide range of new experiences, yet may find committing to any one thing difficult.

They rule the sign of the Twins (Castor and Pollux), representing the need to choose and balance with duality, and balance the head with the heart. Sometimes they can split off into their heads (two faced/irrational) and scatter their energies.  If ungrounded, they may find themselves operating only from the personality, intellect and rational mind, with a lot to say! And that can be very draining to be around!  Due to intellectualizing and analyzing too much, and perhaps unconscious of listening skills, lack of feeling or depth, they may find sharing empathy, intimacy or commitment difficult.  There is a need to balance thoughts (mind) with feelings (emotions) and body (physical), to be able to follow the Higher Mind of intuition and Soul. They can sometimes have quick tempers with sometimes cruel and cutting words or sarcasm, and must learn to listen and hear others rather than just talking all the time, or talking at people, and especially if they become involved in idle gossip. Knowledge without experience lacks wisdom.

Knowing words are powerful, words create and words can harm or heal is very important for these wordsmiths, and the whole of humanity at this time of radical change on the planet. To be conscious co-creators we have to be responsible for what we say to ourselves and others, and an undisciplined mind can create a lot of trauma and drama, rather than a calm and peaceful mind trained and disciplined in presence and excellence. We get to choose.

Worldwide disruption, change and shifts (collectively and individually) are being reflected by the ongoing Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2025) - transforming authority and the 'powers that be', and challenging (squaring) Uranus in Aries, representing the awakening and rise of people power (which rules the Higher Mind).   Uranus also rules radical change by breaking free of old patterning, birthing new archetypes in the 'Age of Aquarius'  which it rules.  This may create sudden shocks and revolution to the many failing systems that are corrupt and no longer functional or sustainable for Earth or Her people. These 2 planets (2012 - 2015) are challenging each other most of June, effecting the collective and individual consciousness. This is the 3rd pass in 2013 and the next will be in November 2013.

At this new moon, Pluto in Capricorn is also opposite Venus and Mercury in Cancer, squaring Uranus in Aries!   This forms a T-square, a challenging pattern, that could invoke passionate, obsessive or intense relationship communications, and perhaps unconventional mental breakdowns or break throughs, with perhaps flashes of genius insight and original solutions, or even complete transformation and letting go.

The day before this New Moon, Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces on the 8 June, until November 14 which can bring up hidden feelings of confusion, disappointment, hurt, addictive patterns where boundaries may become blurred or unclear.  People who are usually very sharp can be absent minded. Be gentle with self and others. Forgiveness and letting go of hurt may be required.

Mercury in Cancer, June 1-Aug 8, (including 3 weeks retrograde from June 23 to July 19) may bring up the need to communicate clearly with family and loved ones. Unconscious issues from the past regarding safety and nurturing (Cancer) can sometimes create communication blocks and fear.  Mercury retrograde also can attract frustrations, delays and challenges with contracts/communications or mechanical/technical issues. Check all details and contracts very carefully! Be aware of what you say and sign. Think and contemplate how compassion and kindness may help.  Being 'over protective' or insecure with family issues may need awareness.

With Venus, the Goddess of love and values, in Cancer until June 27, it is important to be loving and choose your Divine Feminine (Soul) to nurture, value, and direct self love.  Negatively, this can express as co-dependencies especially around family issues.   By choosing to nurture your Divine Feminine, you can soothe and heal old hurts and patterns with other women, sisters, brothers and this can result in many opportunities to share kindness, caring and authenticity from the Soul.

Gemini rules the 3rd House in the zodiac and also rules short journeys, the neighborhood and siblings, and a lot of our early childhood learning. Many behavioral patterns that were conditioned and learned at that time remain hidden in our subconscious.  The ages from around 9 months to around 2 years, and the feelings learned from that time, may now rise to the surface for healing and re-patterning.  Re-parenting ourselves and reflecting healthy messages of communication and flexible healthy boundaries may be required at this time.

There are many planets retrograde now, including Chiron, the wounded healer, who will station and retrograde at 13 degrees of Pisces on June 17. This could bring up old wounds and core scripts that sometimes have the feeling of being unfair or "it's not my fault" and require healing (as mentioned above).  Chiron is also making a very creative and supportive connection with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, to assist in healing and transforming whatever wounds may be buried in our subconscious patterns and behaviours that may require transformation and regeneration.  It really can be a wonderful time if we choose to be responsible for our words and speak our truth, in honest, kind and authentic ways.

So, with Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron all retrograde this month, we may require some rethinking, re organizing and re-generating. Throw in the Pluto/Uranus square, and the Mars squaring Neptune, and it is time to look at how we nurture our bodies and reduce stress.  Getting out in nature and connecting with Mother Earth, Gaia, the Great Mother and fresh air/breath may help to avoid viruses and a burnt out immune system, or a blocked communications centre which can attract flus, colds and throat problems. Meditation, massage and healthy food will make your Moon happy, and especially after the 21st when the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, and issues regarding the home, family and domestic issues may require attention. Communicate honestly with your body so it won't have to get your attention thru dis-ease or negative lessons/communications.

Mars (yang/sexual/courage/action) in Gemini from June 1-July 13 makes a challenging square to Neptune in Pisces. Pallas Athena (Asteroid Goddess of justice, and wisdom) who is also joining with Mars in Gemini, could challenge us to be fair and wise.  We may find distorting, suppressing or blocking any frustration, righteousness, or anger, very depressing.  Find healthy ways to air out and express difficult feelings. Patience and flexibility may also be required here.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to ask for support when necessary and choose to have faith in the Universe and your Higher Self.

Remember that our Soul wrote the script and our charts so that we can choose to grow consciously!

We are not victims, yet we can feel powerless at times and this calls for compassion, vulnerability and healing, rather than being hard, defensive or egotistical. Keep in mind we may need to re-think, re-work, re-organise, re-generate, re-birth and REWARD ourselves for this journey of life that is unfolding with the Universe's perfection and balance.
Consciousness is Love. Choose to love your Self as well as others!

On June 21 we can celebrate the Winter Solstice here in Australia and the Southern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. In Australia, this is a quiet reflective time of birthing the Light in the darkness of the womb.  The winter, like leaves on the trees, must die to what must be re-birthed for spring time and new growth.   The Solstices and equinoxes represent the four Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn and the four directions. They represent foundations and direct actions we need to choose in order to be individuals and share and to feel secure emotionally to go out in the world to succeed confidently.

What do we need to 'mother' within ourselves to grow in health and happiness?  What do we want to seed now that can produce results at the Summer Solstice in October or the future (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere)?   What is the condition of our roots and our connection to our homes, families (original messages) and Ancestors?  How do we feel at home and how safe do we feel in our bodies? These issues may require focus and nurturing at present.  

By connecting and reflecting on our inner wisdom and Divine Feminine, we take responsibility to nurture ourselves and feel safe within.  Look to where Venus and Mercury in Cancer are traveling through your own chart.  They will also be joined by the Goddesses Ceres and Vesta (Asteroids) at this time.

The Moon is asking us what are our needs? What needs to change emotionally? What fears need healing? What do we need to let go of emotionally?  The Moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer (unconscious and subconscious) which rules the past and our connections to mothering and nurturing.  The Sun travels through the sign of Cancer after the Winter Solstice.

Take time to reflect and care for your Soul and your Spirit (Moon and Sun).

The full Moon in Capricorn, opposite Cancer, follows on June 23 at 9.32pm. This is a lunar cycle of fulfilment which brings things to completion. Follow these natural cycles as they are very empowering!  Enjoy these wonderful opportunities at this half way point of the year that can support your to co-create consciously on your path of Soul Evolution!

I am happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your astrological chart.   I continue doing experiential astrology, individually and with groups, facilitating workshops that assist us to deepen our understanding of our Divine Feminine and Goddess within our individual natal charts. This is powerful transformational work, lots of fun, and gives me much joy.

Your natal chart or Sacred Contract is a powerful tool for self exploration and personal development of your Soul and Spirit and a way live more authentically.
I have over 20 years experience as a professional astrologer, wholistic counsellor, healer and facilitator/teacher.

If you need any astrological help please visit for charts or workshops or contact me directly at

"Who we truly are goes beyond all polarity, including the polarity of love and hate." and "Treat everyone you meet like God in drag"  - Ram Dass

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