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The New Moon in Libra, 5 October

11 degrees on Oct 5, 10.34 am Sydney and London 1.34 am, New York 8.34 pm on Oct 4.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." (Rumi)

What can you do to bring more beauty, balance, love and harmony into your life and into your world right now? 

Peace and partnership, co-operation and equality, and the ability to relate to all with fairness and justice is the desire of Libra.

To relate to all beings in equality is the goal and the intention now for all who choose the path of ascending in consciousness (which is love).

This new Moon in Libra, which is a cardinal, air sign, that rules the 7th house of relationships, and partnerships, whether business or personal, desires co-operation and peace.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, harmony and the balance of the scales. Feelings of weighing up what is fair and just is always strong in their hearts. Libra usually tries to avoid confrontation and they can suffer or become dominated or controlled due to adapting to always be the peacemaker.

Libra has to learn balance with self and others and has to balance with it's opposite sign Aries, (sometimes selfish and impatient) and the war God, Mars. They may face issues asking them to be assertive and release the anger and frustration of giving and doing too much. These are planetary energies of the dance of yin/yang and masculine/feminine.

Awareness of any co-dependency and fear of intimacy, or lack of asserting one's own self and will-power, or becoming a door-mat to others needs must also change now, for everyone, even though this may be a Libra theme.

The Consciousness of Oneness is the destiny of humanity, yet we are at a very critical cross road.

Think about all the excitement in the lead up to 21 December 2012 this time last year.  So many people were gathering for this change!   Think about how this year has been for you? Where are you now? What has changed and what still needs changing? Where do you need to take action?

The effects of many choices we have already made are now upon us as we move into this massive time of restructuring. Are we OK with our choices? Can we accept that which we cannot change? Can we let go?

As the grim reaper, Saturn in Scorpio (conjunct North Node and Mercury) demands that dues be paid now. Yes, it is time for the scales to balance or chaos will ensue.   Change requires flexibility too.
Old fears must now be healed. Old power issues must now be released and the choice is really to choose the power of love!

Venus in Scorpio squares Mars in Leo. Ouch!  Both fixed signs! They could be passionate, jealous, dramatic and enjoy power games and drama.  Powerful partnerships that can lead and transform and both can have a hard time letting go. Better not to have to explode at this time, especially with Uranus in Aries opposite this New Moon and the Sun in Libra.

Be careful with those words! Say what you mean and mean what you say. The need for congruency is paramount. Commitment to one's own truth may be tested.

Healthy boundaries will protect while lack of boundaries can create trauma and drama!  The Right Use of Will will be tested! (Right Use of Will is a great series of books written in the 80's by Ceanne De Rohan.

Challenging our inner masculine/peaceful warrior to balance with our Divine feminine. Be aware of anger and frustration or explosions being 'projected' on to others, or imploding into depression and blockages.

With all this secretive and private Scorpio energy, it is time to descend to the underworld, and clear and transform what ever keeps us in 'the dark' by shedding light on old out worn limited beliefs, fears and projections. Yes, it may be a very intense time! Stay present.

Yes, Remember, we wrote our own script (our sacred contract/astrological natal chart).  And no, we can't blame it on the planets or anybody else for that matter!  It is time to be responsible for what we are creating/releasing and regenerating, including our Earth and our environment. The planets are not "doing it to us" or making us victims! We have chosen their cycles to activate our own growth within  and a path of empowerment for ourselves. We do have the choice to be vulnerable and heal any old ego defenses now, that could block the Light of our true authentic selves!

Now is a great time for a detox emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Start anew! Rebirth!

It is a powerful time to look at your transits too! Your own chart or script will help you navigate with your soul and it's sacred path of evolution.

I am happy to help. See if you need a tarot or astrology reading or a report.

It is time to heal the shadow within and reclaim any disowned parts we may have blocked, buried, or hidden that could be otherwise projected on to others, known as "projection" or the "blame game".  It is time to face any lack of personal responsibility in which we create unconsciously.

This New Moon in Libra is squaring Pluto in Capricorn and Opposite Uranus in Aries, (awakening or chaos) as well as squaring Jupiter in Cancer. On top of that we have intense eclipses approaching AND the Cardinal Cross tightening along with Mercury about to retrograde in Scorpio! And Saturn - along with many personal planets are in Scorpio! Wow!  Time really is of the essence now!

Themes of Persephone and the great Goddess Demeter may appear along with themes of intensity,  letting go and loss.

Black Moon Lilith is still in Cancer as is Jupiter (also squaring this new moon) expanding what we may or may not want.

These themes require us to reclaim the Dark Feminine within, the principals of wholeness and our relationship with birth/life and death, power and money. Any old fears and patterns in these areas may be activated now and we may feel pressured by lack of time or money.

Venus is linked to the heart chakra; the energy center for love, forgiveness and compassion, so this is an opportunity to let go and create more nurturing and kindness towards ourselves and others. The heart has more electromagnetic energy than the head and the power of love can transform the Soul. After all, this is a Soul journey we're on!

When our heart is open, we feel the connection to all that is, and can be more tolerant and see the uniqueness in every one and all beings.

When we feel love and gratitude we attract more of that vibration, then we can create with love over fear and competition.

Choosing empathy, appreciation and feel supported by the love of the Universe assists us now. Connecting and activating our own heart chakra, individually and collectively requires respect and love all things and all beings. In the Hawaiian tradition, this is known as aloha.

The energy at this time may feel much like the experience of living in a house that is being renovated and this can sometimes feel stressful.   Responsible choices, foundations, focus, deadlines, organization in chaos, checks and balances financially may also need adjusting or at least purging.  Purging any old beliefs regarding lack of money and power/transformation, while we hold on to our vision is now the call!  Anyone who has lived through a reno will remember, and realize this can have major effects on our relationships?

Can we be true to our own Heart and Soul?

Take a close look at the body which is the house of the Soul because it may need some clearing and cleansing at this time. It may be a time to clear away any old blockages or plumbing (ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld)!

We are also in the lead-up to the next two big eclipses (18 - 19 October and 4 November).  Mercury is going retrograde in Scorpio, the Grand cardinal Cross is tightening; two very strong oppositions and more! Our endurance will be tested.  Some may feel as though they are sailing into a storm and may have to batten down the hatches!  Just take a look at the USA right now and the financial reality that's going on there ruled by Scorpio/8th house matters/other peoples money.

Libra is classically associated with Venus and the Goddess energy of love and beauty! And yes, they did have their shadow aspects too!  Venus also rules money and values. Her Archetype derives from the Great Goddesses Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, and the creative energy of Shakti that can awaken and birth. She has many other names and is represented by the bright Morning and Evening star.  We really must consider these qualities at present as we may feel the purging of all kinds of change pulling us in four directions due to the active Grand Cardinal Cross and other challenging patterns demanding balance.

There are also amazing opportunities for deep healing and compassion represented by various alignments including Mercury (communications), the North Node (purpose and path), Saturn (discipline and responsibility) in Scorpio (trine and the creative energy of ease), Neptune in Pisces (dream/spirituality) and Chiron (healing).    So do book in for some healing therapies at this time, maybe some acupuncture or a massage to soothe rough nerves.

These confronting and perhaps exciting changes are pointing towards radical and unexpected upheaval in our reality, whether personal or collective and within the Earth Her Self.  Yes, we are ascending or at least we do have the choice. Resisting our growth can be painful.  Our commitment to choose Love, peace, kindness and gentleness (our self included) will be put to the test now, as we continue to deepen and balance our individual and collective soul.

This is a very strong time to let go of what ever is not loving, and what is not OK for you, or what ever is not working, honestly and truthfully.  It is the time to "walk the talk" of integrity and deep transformation.

Know that the gold and alchemy is resting safely under any of the old debris. Whatever is built on strong authentic foundations cannot be taken away and will support us in becoming stronger and "all that we can be".

The choice is ours, even though we may have to realize that some choices have already been made, in which case acceptance and forgiveness may be required.  Complaining and being defensive and protecting the old ego patterns that we are unconsciously attached to need to be dissolved, re-created and regenerated.  Rebirth and new beginnings await us if we can chose a sense of excitement and astonishment.  Flow with the new!

This is a very intense New Moon and these cycles are about new beginnings. Yet this is also a time we have chosen to look deeply into our own blocked or unconscious patterns and behaviors, and learn to love all of it. And to choose the love and peace we desire.

Remember what you need to do to keep the balance and accept making choices.  Meditation, visualization and reflection may help.

Balance is so important to all and to Libra who are about relating and co-operating in fairness. Where ever you have Libra in your own chart and the house it occupies, it is the place to set your new goals and intentions through quiet reflection and loving ritual with your Divine Feminine and Goddess energy. Trust is the key - trusting our body's intuition and the love within our own heart.

This New Moon beckons us to move forward with change, even though there may be many challenges in letting go of the old and familiar and the secure old well trodden paths and habits. It beckons us to boldly move on and balance the scales and our choices.


"it is your choice as to what to create, but you do have three grand purposes in life - to love yourself, love others, and love what you do."

(Archangel Michael through Orpheus Phylos and Virginia Essene)

Until next New moon,

or feel free to


Pai'e xx


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