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New Moon in Leo, 7 August

14' 34, 7 August at 7.50am AEST, London 6 August at 10.50pm and New York at 5.50pm.

When the Sun and the Moon come together every month they are joined or "conjunct" each other and this births New Moon cycles in each sign of the zodiac. This particular lunation is in the regal sign of Leo the Lioness!

As the Sun passes through the sign of Leo between 23 July and 22 August, we experience the qualities of Leo, especially now when she joins the Sun to birth this new moon cycle.

Leos are often proud, bold and creative with dramatic flare, passion and self expression especially in the creative arts. They love to feel special and love admiration. They also enjoy being the centre of attention and love to have a stage to perform to an adoring audience (think Madonna).

As a fixed fire sign, Leos can be very determined, loyal and courageous especially when it comes to their cubs or children. Leo rules the inner child and our subconscious ability to trust innocently from the heart and with Spirit. By choosing joy and happiness through their generosity of Spirit they are able to radiate an abundant energy freely and unconditionally. This shines and reflects their inner Light ruled by the Sun with it's warm creative power.

Leos love praise and are very sensitive to ridicule. Like the lion's roar they can have quite a fierce temper, yet are usually willing to forgive and let go. They are often very romantic and idealistic in love, quite playful and humorous and they enjoy the good life; luxury and glamor.

Sometimes they need to overcome their tendency to be egocentric or arrogant. Hubris may need to be tempered with humility or humbleness. They can often personalise everything with their fiery passion and their "it's all about me" or drama queen behaviour. Leos may have a need for excessive passionate intensity and excitement (about lower self) that sometimes requires them to learn lessons of balance through their opposite sign; Aquarius.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer is a fixed air sign, which focuses on intuition/science/technology, humanity/group consciousness and the big picture vision. Aquarians can be rather cool, aloof, detached and quite impersonal and may also need the assistance of Leo to balance with the heart in order to get them out of their futuristic minds. Leo qualities can assist Aquarians to connect to their passion/heart and dynamic creative fire and to the Light of Consciousness in the here and now, balancing the head and the heart for each other.

Leo's may be self confident and honest and they can make great natural leaders with integrity. They can inspire those around them with their warmth, like the Light of the Sun, when operating consciously and from the Awakened Heart.

Leo rules royalty, like the new English Royal baby 'George', born on the last full Moon in Aquarius, known in India as Guru Purnima or the full moon of the Guru, a very auspicious full Moon indeed! The next full Moon (August 21) will also be in Aquarius and is known as a Blue Moon due to having two full moons in Aquarius this month!

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is aligning positively (trine) with this new Moon and the Sun in Leo, making his unconventional, revolutionary, original ideas available to break with tradition by creating radical change or chaos. Freedom and higher awareness is a strong focus for many people globally.

By disrupting the status quo and old political and financial systems that are not working or sustainable, we now find many groups of people rejecting the old established order and negative media driven reality. This is happening globally, where many people are dissatisfied and are radically awakening to the higher intuitive consciousness or the need to break free of control and limitations. This is easily spread virally through technology also ruled by Uranus!

Wild ideas, new inventions, 'out of the blue' or original, eccentric and unconventional ways of seeing things may work now!

It is a great time to start something new, have travel adventures or do things that break routines!

By expecting the unexpected and following your heart and inner strength with courage and boldness, you may find fun and play works much more smoothly and easily than resistance. Do what you love doing and set boundaries around tedious jobs and people and the rational mind so you can flow with the serendipity and synchronicity of the higher intuitive mind.

Now is a great time to launch new projects that align with your Soul's highest purpose and passion. By mid month we may need to work thru any fears and limitations as a few challenges may test our strength, courage and commitment. Following through with our passion could take focus and patience rather than spacing out and giving up.

Uranus remains in the ongoing challenging square with Pluto in Capricorn, and both these planets, including Neptune are in their slow retrograde phase, re-working much on an inner level to bring about more shifts.

Jupiter in Cancer, squares Uranus in Aries and is also opposite Pluto in Capricorn from August 7 creating a T-square (challenging pattern) and the opposition to Pluto will repeat three more times. We will also have five Grand Crosses through to April 2014. These patterns are very dynamic and may sometimes create challenges or chaos that breaks down old order.

Space may be necessary to detach from old habitual patterns to flow with the new. This may add tension to old conflicts and ignite disruption that can bring about radical new solutions. It can also be rather extreme in pushing the limits of what many can handle. Be aware of wilfulness, pride and selfish behaviours based on limited or negative beliefs, especially those based on nationalism, security/control, tribalism and religious intolerance. This is what we may see being played out on the world stage.

Again, Jupiter's square (challenge) to Uranus on August 21 - 22 may add more tension to this conflict, so awareness will give us choices.

Jupiter (9 degrees Cancer) also trines the North Node (12 degrees Scorpio) which supports us moving forward with expansion and positive beliefs to flow with our Soul's purpose. Jupiter is also traveling just ahead of Black Moon Lilith (6 Cancer) and the Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athena, Mars and Mercury. The Goddess's Vesta and Ceres are joining the Sun and Moon in Leo, also activating the Divine Feminine and her gifts.

The water trine (free flowing creative energy) between Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn can provide much healing of old beliefs and wounds so we can be responsible and transform what ever needs to be regenerated. This may allow sharing, caring and nurturing with ease and grace.

If you would like a report on where your Goddess's are in your natal chart, visit www.aumakua.biz. These reports can be very powerful to work with, especially now.

We have been experiencing so much expansion and amazing, auspicious cycles, especially over the last month of July. Many people have been aware of the beautiful star patterns being reflected back to us from the heavens to manifest Heaven on Earth now so that we can become the star that we are!

Knowing that the Star Tetrahedron, the two grand trines in the earth and water elements, the Grand Sextiles, the Star of David or six pointed star of the Ancient Wisdom teachings, and the Mystical Rectangle have been blessing us with their Divine Presence since the end of july and still having some effect. This really has the WOW factor!

These sacred geometrical patterns are activating energies and frequences that assist us to manifest and build our Light bodies (Merkerba) that can help us access portals to Higher Consciousness, especially now with the Sun shining its Light in the sign of Leo. Imagine traveling at the speed of light in the Golden Age!

We are still under the influence of some of these rare patterns which makes this new Moon a wonderful time to create and play and manifest your highest desires and visions, with the heavenly and universal energies. Amazing opportunities abound! (See July's blog).

With radical shifts in consciousness since the end of the Mayan calendar on 21 December 2012 and the birthing of new archetypes (Uranus) in this new Age of Aquarius, we are in for awesome times ahead. Just remember how special you are 'just because you are here' now at this turning of the ages!

For many, our bodies have been experiencing much fluctuation and sensitivity, as our Higher centres or Chakras open through our focus on yoga, meditation, love, healing the heart and our past. So many people worldwide are now doing these practices and this is moving many of us towards the belief in Oneness globally. It's only a matter of time till humanity reaches a tipping point to really transform the destruction and negativity on our Earth.

By taking personal responsibility, individually and in communities we can create a much more peaceful planet to share; one that is based on nurturing and co-operation, rather than competition and greed. The balance of manifesting with the Divine Feminine is on offer. Much healing is taking place and like a detox, things often seem to get worse before they get better'. Integrating our Shadow and Light into wholeness and being aware of what we choose to energise is of paramount importance now.

Like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz one must have an open heart and courage to be on the Soul's path of conscious evolution.

The Sun is Leo's ruler and it rules the heart and physical condition as well as our vitality and strength. It also represents our will and ego that have to be refined in order to follow our Spirit and our Light and make intuitive choices, rather than follow our unconscious lower/animal nature and it's desires.

The Sun (consciousness) also represents the Light that warms our heart. It is a Yang principal of daylight, a time when people are often active and busy.

Healing broken hearts with forgiveness and compassion, especially in difficult relationships, may be required now by being honest and authentic, letting go of wilfulness and ego pride.

Knowing the heart has the power to transform the Soul, this awakened state of Consciousness is now on offer to all of humanity, who may choose to manifest with Love, Light and Joy in service of humanity's global family. Friendships and communities are very important in this new Age of Aquarius or Golden Age.

When operating on a Soul level and focused through the heart, we have the creative will and power to lift and serve humanity, rather than self, with Love and Light. By healing and releasing our past biological karma, we support wholeness in self and do our bit to share kindness and compassion with others and to elevate ourselves into the One Mind, through the Awakened Heart, by choosing Love. This is Christ Consciousness that we each have the opportunity to master by then becoming the Son of the Sun! We can then all connect and express from our Higher Self manifesting the Soul's purpose with Spirit Greatness, creating for humaneness, on the physical plane, with the joy and happiness of an innocent child. We can trust our creative and playful Spirit to follow the synchronicity and serendipity of our intuition.

"To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, one must be innocent as a child." This speaks of the individuated conscious Soul who knows how to create Heaven on Earth in the here now.

The journey of consciousness (Sun) each individual must take, often known as the Hero's journey is now birthing the New Earth for the family of humanity. Choosing presence and excellence based on the vibration of Love is now required. This is something the Ancient Hawaiians and many indigenous cultures have always known because they have never lost their connection with Spirit and Mother Earth. Aloha or unconditional love is the basis of the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom teachings. Aloha psychology, philosophy and spirituality is still the foundation of their culture today. It is a very useful philosophy for all which embodies Universal Law. Learning about love and the power to create from the heart now can really bring us much joy so we can shine our Inner Light and true essence to all.

Make sure you put your wish list out to the universe at this auspicious time and tune in with a ritualised intention or goal.

"Anyone who loves must learn to lose themselves and then find themselves again"  Paul Coelho.

I look forward to sharing with you on the next New Moon. If you have any questions, please contact me on Facebook or www.aumakua.biz.


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